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The Secret of Cherrysville ~ Book 1 of Changing Tides


Skylar Carter moves back to her old hometown after growing up in a dark and violent environment, only to be met with a handsome not-so stranger and a dark family secret that will tear her sense of reality to shreds. Kade Bennet, although he is reserved to most people he is the complete opposite w... more info

Story about: ceo, romance and crime, double life

Complete 140 pages
3456 116

Rating: 20

#80 in Contemporary fiction
#39 in ChickLit
#65 in Young adult


Once Upon A Full Moon ~ Book 1 of The Wolves of Lockincester


Verity Reid is a twenty-three-year-old graduate student who lives alone in a one-bedroom cabin. She is a kind-hearted animal lover so it's no surprise she took in a hurt wolf but in doing so she is thrown into a world she never knew existed. Alex Moon is an Alpha who is the only survivor from an... more info

Story about: werewolves, vampires and witches, lycanthropy

Complete 30 pages
1190 67

Rating: 7

#142 in Young adult
#354 in Fantasy


A Soldiers Heart ~ Book 1 of The Soldier Series


Alexandra Young has sacrificed many countless and sleepless nights to dedicate herself to her training at a Military Base Camp stationed in Tijuana, Mexico. She stays to herself until a one-chance night throws a stick into her tough girl act. Now Daniel Keene is a new recruit, and is almost your ... more info

Story about: war and love, action and drama, military romance

Complete 46 pages
232 19

Rating: 3

#116 in Contemporary fiction
#55 in ChickLit
#137 in Young adult


Random Short Horror Stories


Then the next moment she was gone and in the grasp of three men in all black with face masks. I look around wildly and notice the sun was setting over the horizon of the deserted sandy plain. The humidity seemed to have gone up as the sun went down and sweat clung to my exhausted body. But ... more info

Story about: horror, shortstory, mysterythriller

Complete 15 pages
278 11

Rating: 3

#82 in Horror
#161 in Short stories


A Strength Of Bonds ~ Book 2 of Changing Tides


In the aftermath of an explosion of bad events, Skylar tries to avoid Kade but somehow the attraction she feels for him is like never before and she falls in love with him. However, on the road to love, Skylar eventually gets introduced to her father's gang and she is thrown head first into the roug... more info

Story about: ceo, gang, loveandcrime

Ongoing: 10 Jul 5 pages
81 23

Rating: 5

#58 in Contemporary fiction
#29 in ChickLit
#45 in Young adult


The Alphas Tribrid Mate


Verity Reid now Luna of Lockincester must come to terms with her new Tribrid self and overpower her most urges to be the Luna her newfound pack so desperately needs. A leader. As well as leading a pack Verity will have to train and try to form a bond other than the physical one with her mate; The Al... more info

Story about: witches, werewolves and vampires, lycanthropy

Ongoing: 01 Aug 9 pages
152 18

Rating: 2

#136 in Young adult
#335 in Fantasy


His Heart Of Mine


Vienna Adkins has it all. That is on the outside. On the outside, Vienna is happy, together, has a steady job and seems perfect in her little bubble. However, on the inside Vienna is harboring a secret that could threaten her friendship with her best friend; She's in love with him. Colten Cook i... more info

Story about: friendship, gay, friendtolovers

Ongoing: 08 Aug 39 pages
1162 73

Rating: 10

#78 in Contemporary fiction
#38 in ChickLit
#1017 in Romance