Posted: 02.02.19, 06:16:23

I have been making stuff for eight years. That's a long ass time, for those uniformed of how time works. It's also a long enough  time to get to know the ropes of how that stuff is handled. The stuff I'm referring to is content. The Utilitarian drab word we use to describe anything we make in the hopes of reaching the proverbial goldmine of "viral". In the days before Instagram, Read more...

Posted: 30.01.19, 09:06:49

I'm a few days off on this one but forgive me as I am new to this platform.    I have had many conversations with Holocaust survivors. In my life I have known personally seven people who have come out from that horrific event. I don't really know how to quantify the horror of such events, I don't really think you can. There is not a medium on earth that can truly showcase Read more...
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