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Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 01.10.2020, 22:22:36

Hi Vandana, just dropping by to say thanks so much for the support on my books, for commenting and rewarding :) it means so much.

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Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 02.10.2020, 00:54:58

vandana gupta, Aww that seriously made my day! Haha thank you ❤️

chayasreedeka 29.08.2020, 20:29:26

Hi dear

I m new here and I would b glad if u could read it and leave likes and comments as feedback for my work.

Name of the book is NOT HIS TO CARE

U can follow me too if u want...i follow back rt away..

Stay safe

chayasreedeka 08.08.2020, 19:37:36

Hi dear

I m new here n would very much like it if u gave my book a chance n voted for it by supporting it.

U can follow me too...i follow back instantly...

Let's get by supporting each other...

Stay safe

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