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Saumya Tripathi
02.02.2023, 16:50:17

Hi my dear, avid reader!

I hope you are doing fine! I see you like the genre– dark romance. So, would you like to give my story a chance? I'd be honoured to have your opinions shared with me! Also, if you like my story then, please give it a follow!

Your author,

Ann G
10.10.2022, 18:41:17

Hi! Would you give my series a chance?
THE LAND BELOW OUR FEET is quite different from the usual storyline here, totally FREE, steamy, already completed, and it has two whole books!
My other series: CRASHING AND BURNING is contemporary romance, also steamy and it has four books as well... They are all FREE!

Mehak Khan
27.09.2022, 00:34:49

Hello could you please try my book "mafia's bride"?

Mehak Khan
27.09.2022, 14:10:29

Veena Kumari, Thank you :)

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