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Marilyn Lucero 11.09.2020, 07:39:34

Thank you so much for following me. I would be very happy to hear from you.

noveltealover 05.09.2020, 22:37:08

Hullo, again! Thank you so much for following me for updates. I hope you'll continue to enjoy reading my stories in the future. Take care~ ^_^

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noveltealover 07.09.2020, 04:43:13

writerpantz, Aw thank you so much! I feel so honoured to have gained a reader as thoughtful and kind as you. :) Writing is just a hobby of mine but I'll try my best to update as much as I can in the future. Stay safe out there! ^_^

chayasreedeka 21.08.2020, 20:02:00

Hi dear,

I m new here n would like it if u could read my book n leave likes n comments as feedback for my work.

U can follow me too if u want...i follow back rt away.


Book name is NOT HIS TO CARE

stay safe

Gracie Ella leonard 20.08.2020, 09:00:34

Hi dear, i must conmend you as a great reader. Please follow me on booknet and check out my new book titled the blessing in disguise,or save up in your library for updates.
If you love reading suspense romance books,then you Would definitely enjoy this one, thanks a lot❤❤❤

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