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15.06.2021, 03:06:45

Hi, there I am new here in booknet, I just followed you please do the same thanks.

Clara Star
07.06.2021, 16:42:10

I was wondering if you want to do a follow-for-follow and a like-for-a like.
We could help each other out, that's if you are interested?
I'm aiming to participate in the recent booknet contest. But I need followers and genuine readers in order to achieve commercial status.
I would appreciate it if you could like and read my story "perfect love" and "stubborn Rose" "Rey Ashford-the heart of a good witch "? And the upcoming once
I would do the same for you, and even when you are part of a contest.
Thanks for your support

22.05.2021, 05:53:52

Hi I am new here in booknet, I would appreciate if you can follow me and read my book and I will do the same.

Anie Styles
14.05.2021, 10:32:40

follow for follow.... I am already following you

10.05.2021, 13:43:52

Hello! I am a new author on this platform and I would love to connect with my fellow authors. I was wondering if you'd like to do a follow for follow and like for like for our books so that we both can help each other grow? It will mean a lot to me.
Thank you so much.

Martha Martin
23.04.2021, 02:11:45

Hello dear! Let's follow each other! I'm in contest with my Book, ' The Eternal Night'. Can you please check it out and give a LIKE? I'll be really grateful towards you if you help me!! Please remember to like it!! Thank you..!

Chanderika Sharma
15.03.2021, 08:14:02

When will you update ur book ?

Lana Fox
27.02.2021, 21:55:45

Hi there, I am new to Booknet and would love to connect with you.
I have recently decided to expand my horizon from Inkitt to other online platforms, so here I am.
Please follow me and I will happily follow you back.
Also, it would mean a lot to me if you would ‘Like’ my latest novel, TAMING THE ZOOKEEPER.

Rohit Saini
30.01.2021, 12:48:44

Dear writer your story billionaire captive wife shows 44 episode but when i start reading it it only shows 39 episodes and 3 months ago updated what i do to read tour whole story

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01)
05.02.2021, 18:11:39

Rohit Saini, That's because I had to split some of the chapters into two parts as they were too long.

24.01.2021, 22:27:40

Hello, actually I am one of those amateur writers here... I really like your writing style especially in captured wife. But... as far as I know, booknet doesn't have any means of posting pictures in the chapters. Still you have quite nice pics of your protagonists. If you don't mind, could you please tell me how do you manage to do it? Tbh, that would help me improve too.... anyways, waiting for more of your masterpieces dear;)

05.02.2021, 06:49:32

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01), :) :) :)

20.01.2021, 19:52:04

Hi, your story captured wife is published on ISTORY app and I'm nt sure was it with your consent. If not then email them to remove ur story. I didnt see any other way to contact you.

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01)
05.02.2021, 06:46:51

Anjaani, Hi! Oh, I want to thank you so much for telling me this because I'm not on iStory. Yes, I managed to reach them about a week ago so they had taken down my story from their site. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN! May God bless you sister! ❤️

Thëê Qúéën
19.11.2020, 03:20:32

Hey there Scarlet. I like your books and I have been a loyal follower. Please check out my book The Mafia Business. It's not much since it's my first book but it would mean so much if you gave it a like, add it to your library and follow me for more updates.
Thanks in advance

31.10.2020, 04:36:56

Sorry for plugging in. Hi! If you have time, I just want to share my story though it is not yet finish, I hope you can support it. Thanks in advance!

19.07.2020, 13:13:00

Please make out time to check on my books
I promise... You won't regret it

S. N. Nina Arthur
31.12.2019, 13:59:11

Comment has been deleted

ThembiPusha Sthe Motsepe
09.07.2019, 12:09:07

i cant stop reading and smiling as i read , so did all of this crazy, romantic, funny moments really happen? "curious"

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01)
09.07.2019, 12:43:57

There are some of them that actually happened but not all of them. Thank you so much for reading it by the way. I’ll be updating the new chapters soon! ❤️

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