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A De Lá Rosá's Sweet Revenge


All is fair in the game of love and war, you might have won the battle but Gabriella Andrea De Lá Rosá will win the war. She has come to claim what is rightfully hers and to have an incomplete revenge. ... more info

Story about: romance love, suspense thriller, revenge

On Hold: 04 Sep 38 pages
767 60

Rating: 10

#256 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2616 in Romance


The Reincarnated Queen


A past long forgotten, history long forgotten, stories never told. What happens now when history is repeating itself. What happens when the past and the present are co existing? Will the end be the same? Read to find out what happens to our dear Alana. ... more info

Story about: werewolves, mates, witches and lycans

On Hold: 01 Jun 23 pages
696 47

Rating: 13

#5081 in Romance
#340 in Paranormal Romance
#577 in Mystery
#305 in Supernaturals


His Luna Queen


Alana's world as she knows it comes crumbling at her feet as the life she has been living has been nothing but a lie. She discovers that the world she knows isn't the only world and the one man who she's fated to be with believes she is dead. Now will she embrace who she truly is or not?... more info

Story about: mates, lycans, werewolves and witches

On Hold: 11 Mar 147 pages
9601 172

Rating: 34

#848 in Mystery
#478 in Supernaturals
#7048 in Romance
#748 in Paranormal Romance

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