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Rebellion (divergent Fan Fic)

Anna L. Caroline

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Sinopsis del libro "Rebellion (divergent Fan Fic)"

Fan fiction based on Divergent series.
Ava (original character) is one of the best strategists of Dauntless and works at the Intelligence and Security Division, known for being rational and implacable. But after the Erudite and Dauntless attack everything changed. Even though she's one of the bravest member of the faction, she'll discover soon that she's so much more, a Divergent.
Ava's gonna have to fight against her deepest fears, find new allies in order to stay alive and deal with her feelings as she falls in love with the most heartless leader.

English is not my mother language so if you find some important mistake just let me know!

Divergent series and its characters belong to Veronica Roth.

Ava's character and the writing belong to me.

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