Honey Lee Willmanson



A Life Or The Death Of Her

Honey Lee Willmanson

"Don't touch me. WHAT'S THIS? WHERE AM I?.. AND WHAT ARE YOU?!" she shrieked. " Calm down princess. I mean no harm. i did not wanted to do this but you leave me no choice" He grabbed her wrists and pinned her down. She was cursed. He was her curse. He can be her death or a life for her... ~~ No pla... more info

Story about: vampire, historical romance, demon

Ongoing: 23 Nov 28 pages
151 13 0

Rating: 2

#922 in Romance
#18 in Historical Romance
#76 in Mystery
#38 in Supernaturals


Tempesta Del Magnate! ( Storm of the billionaire)

Honey Lee Willmanson

A pitiful mysterious woman gone mute intentionally for survival. A facade to protect herself from the world. A cold and ruthles business tycoon tricked into a bond for his own rightful crown. Will her destiny change? Claim what belongs to her and avenge for the injustice Or will she be lef... more info

Story about: romance drama, billionaire revenge

Ongoing: 03 Dec 168 pages
3069 115 13

Rating: 21

#238 in Romance
#47 in Contemporary Romance
#148 in Billionaires

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