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Katerina Tumas


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Hope you find something for yourself here. Enjoy my creativity! And follow, please... 💖 Espero que encuentres algo para ti aquí. ¡Disfruta de mi creatividad! Y sígueme, por favor ...



Child's mischief

Katerina Tumas

💤 That day all the inhabitants of the small planet had the same dream, in which a child's voice offered to fulfil any desire. But should such a proposal be taken seriously? 🖊 SUBSCRIBE to the author 🧾 Read it in Russian... more info

Story about: gods, other worlds, philosophy

Complete 2 pages
324 11

Rating: 34

#1669 in Fantasy
#398 in Short stories


About magic

Katerina Tumas

🗯 You are constantly trying to understand your enemy. But to understanding and forgiveness - almost the same. 🗨 ‘Human’ means ‘humane’. Dragons are not humans, we cannot think they are. They are different. 🖊 SUBSCRIBE to the author 🧾 Read it in Russian ... more info

Story about: good and evil, unicorns, dragons and hunters

Complete 2 pages
257 18

Rating: 42

#1684 in Fantasy
#400 in Short stories

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