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Posted: 03.04.22 14:06:45

Hi, dear girls! I want to represent YOU an interesting, love story story of Kolia and Olia. YOU can read it here: https://booknet.com/en/book/kolia-and-olia-b317405 Description of book "Kolia and Olia" "Don't you remember what happened then?" "That's why I came to ask if there was anything between us that night," Olia finally admitted. “I Read more...

Posted: 05.03.22 18:09:56

Dear readers!   Jumping ahead a bit... "Flamy 2" Katherine Beckett had a bright future ahead of her. She was to become the Countess of Thornckton, settle in a luxurious mansion in London itself and no longer need anything. But instead, she had to become the wife of a priest and give up everything worldly, from luxury and wealth, and settle in the wild wilderness. The sermons Read more...

Posted: 02.02.22 22:57:38

Hello dear ladies, gentlemen and ladies! Meet the sequel to the book "Flamy". Everyone expected that the passionate games between Katherine and Richard would end in a wedding and there would be a happy ending, but fate had other plans for this couple. What awaits the obstinate Miss Beckett and the imperious Duke Ashton? First parts tonight. Read more...
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