371 Days With You

Chapter 1

Xyver's POV


"Did you do your homework?" I ask my friend. 


He looks at me, dumbfounded. Seeing a serious expression on my face, he takes a quick glance around the room and sees our classmates doing theirs.


"We have homework?!" 


I grimace at his tone of voice. Does he really need to shout when he's just in front of me? 


"That's what you get for skipping classes." I smirk at him and his sullen expression. "You want to copy mine?"


His aura sparkles— even more so when I pick up my bag from the floor. I laugh as he starts to rummage through my belongings frantically until he finds my notebook.


"I'm gonna show you something pretty in exchange," he barters, me having little to no say in this new matter.




"Are you perhaps interested in me and asking me for a date?" I ask teasingly.


He shows me his 'what-the-f*ck-are-you-saying' look, and gives me the middle finger. He really knows how to express his gratitude— mark my sarcasm, please.


We have an hour left until our next teacher arrives, so I decide to take a nap, knowing I have Zayn as a seatmate. He'll wake me up 5 minutes before the start of the class. I connect my earphones to my phone, select Music, and hit random. 


"Xyver, Xyver!" 


I blink and tilt my head to the side. 


"The teacher came in earlier than expected. I already gave him our homework, " Zayn informs me. 


I yawn silently, several blinks following. Our teacher is now in front of the class, waiting for the complete stash of our assignments. As soon as thirty thin notebooks were piled up on his desk, he opens his book and starts discussing the lesson for the day. I begin to listen, while Zayn, on the other hand, starts to sleep. I sighed—there's no use in persuading him to study since he's lazy as hell. 


While the teacher talks in front, I think of the girl I saw. After seeing her last Friday, I was torn on whether to go to the mall and see her again, or just let her be. I was informed that my sister-in-law, Anastasia, and that girl, Priscilla, are skating buddies. What a small world. 


Anastasia, my sister-in-law says that they met three years ago. Apparently, Priscilla knew a tiny bit of ice skating, Anastasia offered guidance, and they then clicked. They met every once in a while after that. 


"Xyver, time to go!"




"It's 2 o'clock already! What on earth has you dazing off in this heat?" he asks, annoyed.


I fix my stuff, put them in my bag, and get up. Geez, all he did was sleep, but now he's annoyed all of a sudden. His mood swings are like that of a girl during that time of the month. 


"I told you I would show you something pretty, right?" 


"Yeah," I reply as we walk in the hallways of our school. "Where is it?"


"I'll show it to you, but you need to dress up properly first." 


What? What the hell is he saying?


"What do you mean?"


"We can't attend a party with our uniforms on, stupid. Want the guests to see our school logo?"


Is there any problem with that?


"Where are we going exactly that we need to dress fancy and all?" I ask. He shows me his phone as his reply. 


"Anna is back! We're planning to hold a small celebration. Can you come? Bring Xyver along with you."


"Woah, seriously?! Well, it's been almost eight months since then, so sure, we're going!"


"Nice! Dress formally. She came with her relatives."


"Okay, noted!"


I am shocked. So Anna returned after her school break, huh? That's nice to know.


"We only have to change our polos since we're wearing black slacks. I'm sorry I didn't tell you beforehand." 


He sounds guilty. Well then, apology accepted.


"It's fine. Should we buy a gift for her, then?"


"Yep! She's been posting nonstop on her Instagram account of the things she became interested while on break. Some of them are available here so we only have to choose, " he explains while scrolling further down on his phone. I reply with a simple, "Okay".


Anna is our friend who goes to a different school. We had always kept in touch with each other until she decided to take a break from school because of financial problems, hence us now being a year above her. She let us know that she'll be staying abroad for nearly a year to help lessen her family's expenses while they stayed here. And so, she lived with her cousins for a while.


I figured the problem was settled, going off on her returning after eight months of being away. I smile at the thought. She came back, and with her return comes a refreshing feeling, like something good is about to happen. 


After deciding on what present we should buy, we go to the boys' clothing department and pick out polos that catch our eyes. After checking them out, we change into our new tops and take the bus. It took us ten minutes as we rode, followed by three minutes of walking. 


As soon as we step before their gates, we see them preparing a barbeque stand and setting up long tables. 


"They're here!" someone shouts.


I see Anna's parents glance our way and smile. With no hesitation, we make our way in, going through the gates.


"Boys! Oh my goodness!" Selene, Anna's mother shouts in endearment.


She brings us closer in a warm hug and kisses our cheeks. Not aware at the time we first met that she was all for skinship, we were startled. We grew used to it over time, however, until we got to this point of just going with it.


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