A Big Dream

Chapter 2: A Winding Road


Never look a gift horse in the mouth. But now my grandma is checking up my brand new car that my dad has given away for my birthday. She doesn't even know what is a gear and an accelerator. But she wants to make sure nothing backfires when I'm behind the wheel.

"Ugh," she exclaims after spotting a dirt on my Chevy.

She starts to wipe it off when I reach her.

"Granny?" I roll my eyes at my grandma's fastidious detailing. Then, I unlock my car and hop in it. Steering away from my garage, I pull out of the driveway and then turn into the Abbey lane.

"Goodbye, grandma," I wave my grandma.

After a few miles, I head to a hill where a cool breeze blows over a meadow.

I take a walk down memory Iane playing as a small kid in that wooded meadow. Tassy used to run past the meadow with her pinwheel in hand. She would squeal, jump and do all sorts of playful things. Though we like each other, we were world apart. When she would play with barbie dolls and dollhouses, I would toy with cars. That's how boys and girls are! Right?

Though keeping in touch with her is easy, my life took a different turn with each passing time. Like now! I pull up outside a cottage downhill.

I look at myself in the side mirror before getting out of the car. I'm now a well grown man with blue-green eyes and a sharp jawline. I take after my dad who is working as a business executive in Softech enterprises Inc. My mom does online sales of antiques and other things and she is her own boss.

Anita Heidi

Edited: 23.08.2020

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