A Billionaire's Pet Project


   The 5-Star Venetian Resort Hotel, located on the world famous Las Vegas Strip - recreates the glory of Venice Italy. White doves, trumpets and singing gondoliers marked the Grand Opening on May 3rd,1999. Actress Sophia Loren with Venetian Chairman and owner Sheldon Adelson, dedicated the first motorized gondola. 

     The Venetian Resort - equivalent to a small city with substantial square footage includes thousands of Guests Suites, numerous restaurants, lounges, shops, multiple entertainment options, world-class spa, indoor dining and room services. 

     Elaborate murals overlook the porte cochere. The frescoes depict an ancient map of the world with handmade Italian paintings. Guests check in beneath an oversized map of Italy. The Venetian Lobby has the grandeur of an Italian museum with high domed ceilings, columns, fountain and statue - detailed artistry throughout. 

     The Las Vegas Resort venues for Venetian Meetings include Congress Centre and Sans Expo. The Palazzo Ballroom is the only meeting space on Level 5 of the Congress Centre bisected by a corridor that enables access to room divisions from both sides of the space. 

     A Gala Event - Fundraiser for the Sisters of 'St. Mary's Convent' was in progress when Whitney Hudson and Brittany Whitfield entered the well-lit Ballroom. Immaculately dressed in striking designer wear - Bloomingdale's finest, they began to execute their well-rehearsed 'game plan.' Their primary target, Iranian Prince - Raul Ali Shah, not-in-sight yet. 

     The young women introduced themselves with professional grace incorporated with their female charms. They had secured some influential clients in their 'charitable schemes.' They then decided to entertain Rashid Reza Mohammed - Persian Diplomat into their so-called 'worthy endeavours.' 

     "2B, awesome," remarked Rashid. 

     "Excuse?" inquired Whitney ... confused. 

     "Beauty 'n' Brains," he explained. 

     "I admire your ambitions," he said ... indicating both girls. 

     "We'll continue negotiations in my Suite. Must learn more about your Charitable Organizations. I intend to invest much into these humanitarian ..." he paused at the sound of Brittany's plea. 

     "Sir," she ended ... unable to formulate a sentence.       Brittany wondered why the room kept spinning ... Rashid's contented smiling face ...? 

     "Where's ... Whitney?" she questioned in a confused state-of-mind. 

     Then quick realization ... their cocktails had been spiked. 

     She tried to stand ... almost fell, but gentle powerful hands caught her, the Prince himself. Dark-brown eyes locked deeply into hers. She muttered some sweet endearments before passing out in his arms. 



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