A Billionaire's Pet Project


     After Raul's PSD located Whitney at TAO's Nightclub, they were escorted to their Luxury Suite. He kept his arms around her waist, unwilling to release her. Although under reasonable control, the flames of passion still burnt. 

     Whitney, being discreet, bid the Prince farewell and went inside. 

     "Would you prefer  ... ?" she started. 

     "No!" he replied before she had completed her question. 

     "Can I see you tomorrow?" he inquired. 

     "Not sure. Whitney wanted to meet with our lawyers before lunch to review your 'PET PROJECT' proposal," she informed him. 

     "Dinner then," he decided without her consent. 

     "Goodnight Brittany," he softly whispered after kissing her hands. He was already leaving when she boldly called after him. He retraced his steps and returned to her side. 

     "What is it my love?" he asked ... concern evident in his voice. 

     "I do desire you," she admitted. L

     "I know," he replied in disbelief. Her confession stirred something deep within his being ... like a soul returning to the water.

     "That must have been difficult," he taunted playfully. 

     "Yeah!" she responded and graced him with a warm smile. 

     "Heard that confessions ... good for the soul," she continued. 

     "Then I should confess how my heart stopped when you walked into TAO's Bistro in this striking wine-red dress, clinging to your body like a second skin," he remarked, taking her into his arms again. 

     "How many times I undressed you with my eyes ... how I want to take your bare exquisite form right now and express myself to you," he revealed without any sense of shame. He held her excited body in his possessive, strong arms. 

     "Now my soul is at peace," he confessed teasingly. 

     "Our time is yet to come minx. Retire to bed my love. I need 'strong drink' and a cold shower," Raul explained. He kissed her lightly on the lips and departed. 

     In complete darkness, for Whitney hadn't turned on any lights, Brittany quietly entered the Luxury Suite. She managed to reach the bedroom with few minor mishaps ... stripped and entered the shower.

     As the warm water trickled down the length of her voluptuous body, she began to briefly recap on the last few hours. The intensity of his kiss still vibrant in her chaotic mind. Mental images of their erotic encounter couldn't be erased for the very scent of him still remained with her, plus Clive Christian No. 1 for Men ... refined perfume of ultimate luxury, rich with Ancient Indian Sandalwood. No. 1 for Men represents an accomplished and uncompromising character. 

     ... Ok, she thought, so he had a 'rich' scent in every sense of the word, as would be expected. He was after all ... a billionaire. 

     He was like a barbaric gentleman who knew exactly what he wanted and wasted no time in getting it, in a civil manner for sure and at present, that was her. His outlandish ways were far from repulsive though, it was in fact rather appealing and that was to put it mildly. It seemed easy to adopt his uncommon ideas with respect to being open about 'affairs of the heart and ... body.' 

     Brittany considered her outright confession of her want for him. In another life, perhaps she would have contemplated such atrocious behaviour ... well, she thought ... she did 'bridge that divide.'

     She emerged from the glass-enclosed shower and quietly donned a pair of pajamas. She opted for the sofa, not wanting to disturb her friend who seemed rested in a state of reduced consciousness. Although settled, sleep evaded her eyes for wicked thoughts abused her curtained sleep. She had exceeded the limit of her alcohol consumption and though fully aware of her actions, she couldn't justify her immoral ways. 

     She was about to 'count sheep' when her phone vibrated on the nearby coffee table. It was her all-time favorite Prince. 

     "Not asleep yet Princess?" he queried in a husky voice. 

     "No! Why aren't you?" she sweetly inquired. 

     "Cause thoughts of you won't let me," he confessed. 

     "From the very first day I laid eyes upon you ... I knew I wouldn't be able to resist your hocus-pocus," he continued with laughter.

     "What!" she exclaimed. 

     "You enchant me minx ... what are you wearing?" he blatantly asked. 

     "PJ's," she revealed. 

     "Awww ... anyway nothing the imagination can't fix  ... I'll get rid of the pants," he remarked in a pleasing voice. 

     "My crazy Prince," she teased.

     "And you ... what are you wearing?" she boldly asked. 

     "Going commando," he wickedly expressed. 

A moment of silence followed before she commented. 

     "Inappropriate for a Prince," she taunted him. 

     "What is befitting a Prince in your eyes my sweet Princess," he asked in a hoarse voice. 

     "Tell me!" he prompted. 

     "I ... ," she started, before being rudely interrupted. 

     "What was the dream Brittany? ... handsome Prince on a white horse would sweep you off your feet and ride into the sunset with you in his arms. Did you ever consider that he might possess interesting body parts," he teased. 

     "A Prince I am. Yes! An inherited title but I am human first, with common needs ... regular wants and desires," he informed her. 

     He had never flaunted his financial status before ... never. In fact, he did everything in his power to conform to their 'lesser lifestyle.' He was her true Prince ... the real deal. 

     "Do we have a connection Princess?" he queried. 

     "Yes! Sorry ... ," she apologized. 

     "No problem. I rescheduled 'things' so we can be together this evening," he disclosed. 

     "Get some rest my love ... now," he kindly instructed before ending the call. 



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