A Billionaire's Pet Project


     Since official state cars are the most visible symbols of any government - Raul declined the use of such, although he was a visiting dignitary from another country.

     He preferred a personal, exclusive and specially designed vehicle ... used to transport and protect certain leaders of his country in a definite, concealed way. His exalted rank was kept beneath the radar. 

     They entered the vehicle 'arm in arm,' in united togetherness.

     Raul waited until they were in complete privacy before he pulled her onto him and found her inviting lips. Words were not called for under the given circumstances - unwarranted ... for their bodies created an explicit language that only they understood. 

     Without hesitation, Raul quickly undid her bra exposing perfect, firm-set breasts. Expert hands initiated a sensual seduction of her two soft mounds, as his wicked tongue silenced her deep-throated moans.

     It was as if they had been granted permission by the 'elders' to discover and explore each other's 'sexual territories,' with their parting blessings.

     Raul unwillingly released her mouth and executed an 'erotic sentence' upon her desirous body ... starting with a trail of love bitten kisses down the length of her elegant neck onto her bare breasts ... where his sinful mouth replaced his wondrous hands. He drew in a sharp breath as her unsteady hands loosened his shirt buttons and found his wild beating heart.

     "Dont stop angel, please don't," he pleaded as his want for her escalated to an explicit height. He dragged her hands down the length of his magnificent form onto the hard rise of his lower body as his desire increased in intensity. She trembled with excitement when her naughty hands made contact with his great manhood, evident in the most sublime way. Phenomenal ... and I'm a virgin whore, thought Brittany.

     "We should stop though," he whispered and began to nibble the soft outer lobe of her left ear. Her hands encircled his neck and she added in a provocative voice. 

     "Why my Prince?"

     " ... Because we've arrived at our destination," he replied with regret.

     "Brittany immediately slipped onto the vacant seat next to him and began to compose herself in a quick fashion simultaneously, 'finger brushing' his hair while he did his shirt buttons. In about five minutes they exited the vehicle. Raul took her left hand, gently pulled her towards him, then with a sign of adoration and affection, he presented her with a 'forehead kiss.'

     They approached the impressive, vacant office building ... 'hand in hand,' oblivious to everything else, other than each other ... in that moment. 

     Whitney and her parents were already on site, 1601 Lind AV, SW Renton, WA.

     The vacant, rare 5-Story Class A. LEED Gold building, situated on 5.29 acres was ideal for investors ... companies looking for their next corporate HQ ... Head Quarters.

     Large floor plates facilitated social distancing and tenant improvements. Amenities included a cafeteria, fitness center and daycare. 

     Strategically located minutes from Bellevue, Seattle and SeaTac International Airport, Renton was the destination for business in South King County. 

     Commuters benefited from immediate access to alternative routes and a Rapid Ride Stop which connected with regional transit and rail options.

     Excellent corporate branding from the high profile building and monument signage, with unparalleled visibility to 215 000 and daily drivers 'en route' was a definite plus in regards to PET CO initial development and ultimate success.

     The Office Building was surrounded by neighbourhood retail amenities providing dining, shopping and hotel options ... which included Westfield Southcenter and The Landing.

     The private office space ... tailored to business' unique needs was available for lease or 'buy.' The Prince decided on a 'Corporate buy' with respect to the obvious, potential benefits ... the large and growing workforce with over 255 000 residents within a 5-mile radius ... 11-miles from Bellevue, 13-miles to downtown Seattle and 5-miles away from SeaTac International Airport ... perfect location with favourable advantages. 

     They had decided on the fifth floor with extensive square footage, state-of-the-art office equipment including immaculate, modern furnishings and relatable accessories ... but nothing could compare to the impressive, breathtaking, panoramic view that Brittany stood before. She was completely fascinated ... spellbound. 

     Raul walked up behind her and encircled her waist with strong, powerful arms ... a definite sense of comfort overcame her inner being ... but it was short-lived, for in the midst of her 'enchanted life' she had neglected to update Whitney with the current state of her affairs.

     She quickly released his 'loving hold' on her and raced towards her friend.

     "I'm sorry girlfriend. Please, please, please forgive me. I haven't processed it all ... yet. It just happened sooo quickly." Brittany tried to explain though, she failed miserably. 

     Whitney looked at her absent-minded friend and embraced her in a sisterly fashion. 

     "Your inattentive disposition is quite understandable ... Brittany is forgiven," she remarked in her usual dramatic way.

     "You deserve a measure of happiness my friend and I believe you've found such in the form of a handsome Prince," Whitney continued without hypocrisy. 

     Brittany took her hands in hers and said.

     "My Dear friend ... you believe in me when I don't believe in myself ... inspiring me to be a better version of myself. You listen and don't judge ... well, most of the time anyway. In short, 'for better or for worse ... in sickness and in health ... till death do us path ... I will always luv yah bestie."

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