A hunter's diary


Hyuk woke up in the same position he had last night, rubbed his eyes and looked up to see the girl, who was still sleeping soundly. He touched her forehead with the back of his left hand and placed the right one in his to measure the temperature of both bodies. He made a relieved expression when he noticed the fever and the bruises had lowered down, her pulse seemed stable now.

He got up and went to take a shower, when he returned he found the girl fighting in her dreams like she was trying to avoid something, her face was showing a scared and desperate grimace.

- Hey! It’s just a dream! - Hyuk shook his forearm trying to wake her up but it was useless - hey! Wake up! - he tried harder.

the girls was so into her dream that she started screaming "let me go" and shoved Hyuk's hand off her almost hitting his face. she was struggling against nothing making almost impossible for Hyuk to hold her down.

- wake up! it's a dream! - he tried again but as he saw it was pointless he took a glass of water from the kitchen. He stood in front of the uncontrolled girl, hesitating if he was doing the right thing. He splashed the water on her face.

She finally opened her eyes taking a big mouthful of air like he was drowning.

- I'm sorry... I had to wake you up somehow... - Hyuk said.

She blinked a few times.

- W.. who are you? - she moved back discretely.

- That’s my question, who are you and who were those guys from yesterday? - he demanded.

- Why should I answer you when I don't even know you?

- Because I could have left you there to be raped and maybe killed by that gang...

Fear and panic invaded the girl's gaze and Hyuk instantly regretted what he just said.

- Sorry - he sighed - I am...

- I am Anne - she interrupted him. - and thank you ... I guess

- I'm Hyuk - he finished and looked at her from head to toe - I think you should call your parents.

- I don't have any relatives, they are dead.- she looked down.

- I'm sorry, if there's something I can do to help you... - Hyuk said wholeheartedly

- Thank you, but not even the police could find the culprits.

- The culprits?

- They must be related to the guys from before, they probably want my grandfather's inheritance.

- I see...

Then Hyuk asked a few questions like: where did she live and things about last night. After a long while he offered to stay with him because he had and extra room; she immediately accepted.

They spent the day settling up the room; of course he was the one who went to buy everything because he thought they could have been looking for her. He even went to buy her a new uniform.

And when he returned home, he found an atmosphere he had never seen in his home: the smell of recently cooked dinner, the TV was turned on, everything was sparkling clean. Anne was setting up the table; she was wearing an apron (she asked the landlord's wife for it).

- Oh! - she noticed Hyuk - welcome back. - she eyed-smiled at him. Band-Aids were covering some parts of her face. 

Hyuk's heart couldn't help but to skip a beat, but he got himself together in a split second.

- I am home - he scanned the room - Wow! I can't even recognize this was the same room I've been living in. - he smiled.

- I don't want to be a burden while I am here - she said walking to the kitchen to serve the dinner - take a seat, you are about to taste a piece of heaven. - she swank.

Hyuk was too delighted with the food that he even ate three times before stopping and going to sit on the sofa. she sat in front of him.

- Don't you feel awkward? - he asked - I mean, living with a guy, moreover, a stranger.

- You are just asking that now? - She chuckled - If I did I wouldn’t had accepted in the first place. Besides, you don't seem like a bad guy. - she yawned. - I better go to sleep.

When Hyuk was sure she had already sleep, he returned to the river to look for clues. He followed the path the guys took and it leaded him to nowhere.

he returned to his department when he was about to enter his room he heard a noise, it was Anne whining and crying in her sleep, he entered her room and wake her up, the water wasn’t needed this time she suddenly opened her eyes when he touched her arm.

- are you ok? - he asked worried as he sat on the bed.

She nodded and sit up.

- Just some bad dreams, I'm sorry to trouble you. - she mumbled.

Their eyes met and they kept staring at each other, the dim light from the nightstand lamp made Hyuk's eyes seem deeper and darker, it was difficult for her to look away, but she managed to do it.

- Well, if you are alright, I'm going to go - he got up and was about to walk when her hand grabbed his wrist. - he stopped in a halt and slowly turned back at her.

- I’m sorry. - she kept staring at her hand.

- W..why? - he asked nervous.

- I lied,,, I'm not okay, I am scared. When I close my eyes I keep remembering things... - she made a long pause - can you stay with me.

Hyuk's jaw dropped in surprise.

- what are you saying? my room is in front of yours, if you need something just call me.

She didn’t answer but slowly let go of his hand, disappointed drawn on her face. Hyuk exhaled soundly.

- okay, okay. I'll sleep on the floor. Just let me get a blanket and a pillow - he smiled and walked out of the room.

When he closed the door her face changed completely: sadness and regret took her over.

- I am sorry, hyuk - she whispered.

It'd been a month since that night and their relationship matured a little bit, they grew closer and Hyuk considered the danger had past already so they went out to take a walk at downtown, it was more like a date: watching a movie, having dinner together going shopping, etc. It was getting dark so they walked home.


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