A Sparkling Mist


Kiernan's POV

"I need to talk to you about something." I said. "About what?" Desdemona asked innocently. " Meet me during lunch- no no no. Uh.... During History on the rooftop."

"Ok" she replied, looking confused.

*Time Skip!*

Desdemona's POV

During lunch

I was walking towards my usual seat; but this time, finding my sister surrounded by people I've never seen in my life.
I heard one of them saying, " I don't like your sister." She paused. "That's why I never came here; but now that she's not here , It feels really good ."

Damn It . I felt like cursing and turning her into a troll. The next words I just heard made me feel angry and betrayed.

Kiernan said," I agree. She can be so bossy at times."

I dropped my tray in shock making her realise that I was there . Everyone in the cafeteria turned their gaze towards the sound made from my tray. Their attention was on me, who was trying hard not to cry.

"Sis.. Look I- I can explain." She finally managed to say. I ran out of the cafeteria, and back to our dorm. Kiernan followed me all the way.

"Go away! I supposed you wouldn't want to be with someone who is bossy." I said in sarcasm with a rude voice.

She became speechless and just stared at me. I glared back at her.

"Listen, I can explain. I just said that to-"
"To what? To make her feel good and to make her think that she wasn't the only one who thought of me that way? You know what I think there are plenty of people out there who can prove that."
"You know I don't have friends so-"
"So? You chose her over me! Over your own sister, who was there with you even sister, who was there with you even when you felt low, even when people bullied you. And now, you chose those people over me!" I screamed at her and all of a sudden I start crying.

I have never cried in front of my sister before, never shown her my tears. And now, here I am crying in front of her I looked at her with watery eyes, and just asked her to go away!

She was about to say something, but decided it was better not to and she left.

Kiernan's Pov.

I left the room and that's when I saw that girl,she way talking to someone I din't know, the girl who made me say that my sister was bossy. Her name was Maria.

I hate her now, because of her my sister isn't talking to me anymore, I felt like murdering her.

She noticed I was there, she waved at me. I did not wave back. Instead, I just turned around and walked away.

I made my way for three washroom. I had to cry right now and there was no way I was going to cry in front of these people.

I finally reached the washroom and that's when tears threatened to come out of my eyes. As soon as I went inside, they poured down my face.

After a few minutes, I heard two people coming towards the washroom. I quickly locked my self in one of the toilets just when I heard the doors open. (A/s: srsly?) What I can't show them my tears. (A/s:~rolls eyes sarcastically~)

They started talking again. I didn't pay attention to it. I am not an eavesdropper. And then, I heard my sister's name. That's when I started paying attention to their conversation. And........




Cliffhanger! Hey ppl sorry it was a long time.

What do you think she heard?


"Part A of our mission accomplished!"

Who do you think she was talking to?

What was she talking about?

Leave your thoughts.😈😈

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