The Ugly Mallard

One vibrant clear morning at Swan Lake, where the lovely kind swan princess, Odette do her daily morning hour routine at the center of what she called the Crystal Clear Lake. She swayed along with her bobbing boat as swans gathered around for a song. The gentle and cold wind first blew and fickle at her bole straight hair, Her rose cheeks jiggled out of excitement and her knees bent up, for her silver garnets of fortitude see every citizen on Swan Lake.

  Fishes gathered from below and all land creatures of the surrounding forests and prairie, crowded with ears erected and head held up high.

She began her song, a gentle and warming hum to settle everyone. Her sound pierce through the burbling waters, dancing grass and wandering siberian wind. Although its cold, every animal sat down and closed their eyes, allowing her hum to pause their beating hearts and bring them to a fantasy that you could never be.

Mallards coming from the southern skies flew over Swan Lake. It was time for them to breed before the second winter--travelling far south to the northern alps. Although they did not disrupt Odette and the animals below.

One agonizing soared scream of an ugly mallard shattered the unity and peace of Swan Lake. It was crying so hard that the other animals opened their eyes and forgot about the princess's song.

The ugly--flightless duck continued to cry, as it ravaged the water and bewildered the wind. Other animals had their ears jammed to their skin as others jeered at the duck.





but the ugly mallard desperately continued screaming. Its voice cracking, its eyes wailing in tears. It was really an ugly mallard that intrigued a lovely princess.

Odette slowly raised a hand as she said, "please let us all be silent" and there was silence, except the cries of the ugly mallard who lifted and flapped its broken wings against the lake.

Odette snapped her fingers and a stream of white flurry cotton, engulfed her body changing her ordinary princess like dress into a wavy-runny over sized shirt with uncut hems of swan feathers. She looked more like street beggar than a princess. But having such low class dress that had opened everyone's mouth and peeled their eyes. Had nothing to do with Odette, although she was wearing it, being a part of the poor was the best way for her heart to ache out of sympathy towards the ugly mallard.

Her youthful skin glimmers against the tangerine sun even though she's miserable in the inside.

White feathers hovers around her body as she stepped slowly onto the cold waters. The Swan Lake has given her powers, benefits to survive alone in a place of fantasy. White swirly magic followed beneath her feet, keeping the princess from falling into the water. The swans pushed her boat and also followed their way towards the ugly mallard.

A strange creature it was, a mallard who seemed to have bathe in feces in all its life. Odette had dead eyes set on the ugly mallard but a warm genuine smile erased her own ugly look.

When its cries was finally heard by a group of mallards--they came down to it and asked,

"What happened to you?"

"My wings got shot"

"I told you to ignore him, darling" whispered the green mallard, "he is cursed"

"Oh my," shook the green mallards, "then we better get going" one shuddered "Who cares about him anyway",

The others concurred and they flapped their wings and never came back again. They did not even bother to tell the other mallards.

"Wait!" The scarred voice of the young ugly mallard tried to reach out to its elders but was ignored. The ugly mallard wept, "it was my one chance."

Odette walked closer to the bird, but she was stopped by the swans.

"You heard its cousins princess." addressed one of the elder swan much bigger than any of the swans--even than the princess. The elder swan spreads her wings in front of the lovely princess which was an offensive way against her eyes. A sign of 'back off' "that mallard is only a source of evil! Don't go near the damned thing"

The young gal knows nothing about curses, being damned, or evil. She responded, "cursed, damned, evil or not, any animal on and around Swan Lake will their heads rest upon my feathers" her sweet voice lowered the elder swan's wings as she and the other swans back off, giving way to Odette.

It was a straight walk under the teary clouds to the weeping mallard. "Princess, I think this is a bad idea. Just leave the mallard be, we don't want anything horrible happen to you" said another elder swan.

"The princess is still young, she may have not known about evil just yet." 

"That's true, being a lost girl who stumbled on Swan Lake and was given magical powers by the Swan itself. She might as well be a spoiled brat" Muttered the swans behind her ragged back.

Odette bent her knees in front of the ugly mallard and carresed her baby fingers to its face. The beautiful mallard stopped crying and raised his head. The lovely princess was tending to his care. A care the beautiful mallard had never had.

"Poor bird. 
Scared and who no one cared.
No more tears,
Because it will also bring fear.
Let me help you"

Odette opened her pure white palm to the mallard. 

But It hesitated to open its wings and receive her such divine hands. What if she'll think bad of me because of my broken wing? I don't want it. The beautiful  mallard cowered its head to the water and saw a reflection of Odette's kind smile lit hope onto empty eyes. 


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