Adam Or Adem: Creational Magic

Adam And Adem

Now to illustrate some informational visualizations in our minds of Adam and Adem. Adam is created by God on day 1 at hour 1. Adem is created by God if he tries to create on day 1 at hour 1 but does not finish the creational magic until hour 2. Adam and Adem are seperate lifes. Only 1 can be created. Adams birthright is day 1 hour 1. Adems birthright is day 1 hour 2. For Adam to be created the creational magic must be completed hour 1. If God unintentionally takes longer to create than intended, and it is finished at hour 2, then the result is Adem is created, not Adam. Another thing to note, God in this story decided to name the resulted creation of the creating Jacob. So whether Adam or Adem begin to live with God, the resulted creation will be called by the name Jacob. In short explanation. There are two possible creations. Only 1 will begin to live. Whoever it is, will be named Jacob. That is a clumsy truth of creational magic, even so, it is slightly romantic. Now the learning of the creational magic formula has begun. You now comprehend the basics. You have learned of a moments (hour) difference determining life and nonlife for our Jacobs (Adam and Adem). It is also true that if even the smallest amount of materials used to create the creation is changed, so to will the result. In short if Adams materials are 1% different, Adam will not be created, instead maybe someone such as an Eve. It is also good to note a change in materials also changes timing because it takes time to utilize materials. Onto the next chapter.

David R. Quigley

#321 in Mystery
#154 in Supernaturals

Story about: god, bible, religion

Edited: 18.05.2020

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