Althaia ( The Collision of Three ).

In which she meets the Lancasters

Putting my nerves aside, I decide to take in my surroundings of where this mighty of a man next to me grew up. And to say I’m surprised would be a lie, I mean of course I expected no less than a majestic mansion. Regardless, the beauty of it does surpass my imagination, it’s a double story of a maze carved to perfection. We are parked in the middle of a beautiful fountain, and the stairs leading to the front doors.

Before I can gawk at the master piece any further, my door opens, and Luke holds his hand out for me to take as if to assist me out of the car. I place mine lightly on top of his, feeling the tough skin of his hand, I realise how big they are compared to my tiny ones. A part of me for some reason finds it endearing.

“You’re too stiff love” he says quietly as we walk toward the door

“Uhh yea, I’m about to meet your family, you would be too” I retort. He shakes his head, and before he can say anything further, the doors open, and there stands a man in a perfectly tailored suit, I reckon he is the butler as he greets

“Good evening young master” and I can’t help but try to hide a snicker behind the fact that he referred to Luke as a ‘young master’, like bloody hell why am I not surprised much, and he’s not exactly young but anyway what would I know about the high end life, except having read a ton of clichés in novels about it. I might as well be living one. If Luke heard me he pays no mind as he responds

“Frank” lightly tilting his head toward the elderly man, as he pulls me into the house, Franks goes to add

“Your family’s already commenced with dinner sir” Luke mutters an ‘of course’ under his breath as he keeps pulling me along, with his hand laid on my lower back still.

I barely have any time to admire the inside of the chic design of the mansion, we walk through the open doorway, as if our entrance was some show stopper, everyone within the room stops their chatter. A big rectangular table sits in the middle of the room, decorated with different assortments of foods, at the head of the table of course, sits Mr Lancaster senior, a total replica of Luke in a few years, and I have to say age definitely becomes him.

I mean the entire family seem to have struck gold in the looks department, on the right of the old man sits a woman that has a sense of ageless beauty and class, next to her sits another man an almost replica of both Luke and his father, and I assume he’s the older brother. Opposite him sits a younger boy who’s totally adorable, at that I feel a pang when I remember Jacques, but I decide this is not the time.

On the left side of the old man sits a girl almost my age, a total heartbreaker with her long off the shoulder blonde hair with striking silver eyes, I realise she took them from Luke, his father and little brother, whereas, the mother and the older brother share baby blue eyes. As they all look our way, the older brother is first to break the silence

“Well, well, looks like his highness has decided to grace us with his presence” is his sarcastic comment shot toward Luke. With his hand still resting on my lower back I can feel him slightly tensing, and I reckon there must be some bad blood between the two. Luke doesn’t respond however, as he dismisses his brother’s comment and walks over to his mother, placing a light kiss upon her cheek he greets

“Mother” and he stands straight as he adds “Father”, with that Mr Lancaster merely nods his son’s way

“Are you going to introduce us honey?” his mother questions, and I realise her eyes are staring right at me, and from that right there I could swear the temperature dropped below zero with how cold her eyes seemed to be, gone was the affection they held toward his son. Great, I think to myself, we’re off to a terrible start it seems.

“Of course” he says as he extends his arm out as if to beckon me closer to the empty chairs where we’re to sit.

“Everyone, meet Althaia, my girlfriend, and love meet the family, my mother Rose, my father Richard, my older brother Hank, my little brother Ken and the princess of the family Amber “he introduces, and with the mention of his little brother and sister, I can tell he’s fondest of them than most. I don’ get a word out as his mother says

“I didn’t know that you and Tiffany were that over” she states, her eyes filled with some mirth. I look at Luke to see his face tight and jaw clenched as he responds through gritted teeth

“Tiffany and I were never and thing and never will be.” With that he pulls a chair out for me and I sit and mutter a ‘thank you’ under my breath, and he sits right next to me.

“Well it’s nice to finally meet everyone” I say with what I can muster for a smile, all I receiver from Luke’s father is a small nod, the mother merely looks at me with what I can surmise as distaste, the sister beams my way with a “Likewise”, and I’m glad that at least one female in Luke’s life doesn’t totally hate me.

“Okay, so how about you ditch my brother huh, be the Barbie to my Ken?” Ken jokes as he wiggles his eyebrows making a pass at me. With that I can’t help the laughter that escapes me, Amber laughs too, Richard snickers, Hank just rolls is eyes, and Rose just about chokes on her wine.

“Are you making a pass at my girlfriend young man?” Luke questions and I can see humour in his eyes as his brother responds

“I don’t know, is it working?” Ken looks at me on the last past. Shooting him a smile I figure might as well be mischievous as I figure humour is far better than tension.

“How many times has that line worked for you?” I question, and he shrugs with a nonchalant attitude, a little smug too as he says

Conie Reigh

Edited: 10.01.2021

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