Althaia ( The Collision of Three ).

Claims and Friday plans

heading for my apartment. However, the peace I thought I’d walk into turns out to be the opposite when I find a tall figure outside my door, standing leisurely with his hands in his pocket, leaning against the wall as he rests his head looking up, I can’t help but think, now that would be a perfect picture shot.

“Can I help you?” I ask as I stand a few feet away from him, he jerks up to look at me

“Where have you been?” he questions, his tone filled with slight frustration and concern

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business, you made it clear last night that yours isn’t mine” I respond heaving a tiresome sigh as I walk past him to unlock my door

“You’re my girlfriend so obviously your business is my business Althaia, and I apologised for last night didn’t I”

“Pretend girlfriend, and last time I checked, it was just for one night, Luke, so you see my business really doesn’t concern you, and you think an ‘I’m sorry’ note and a sunflower will just erase yesterday?” I question as I throw my bag on my kitchen counter, turning around to face him, I can tell he’s frustrated, but he has no right

“Pretend, or no pretend, you’re still mine, Mine Althaia” he says with such conviction I’m almost tempted to ignore the objectification.

“You say that like I’m property that belongs to you” I scoff out with a shake of my head. Running a hand through his hair in a frustrated manner he defends

“I’m not saying you are property to be owned Althaia, damn it, I didn’t come here to fight with you okay” he says, his eyes a brewing a chaos of emotions, I ask

“Then why are you here Luke?”

“What happened to Lulu?” he asks, trying to keep his lips from smiling, I shake my head supressing my own. He controls me like mother nature does the weather, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I shoot him a serious look and he surrenders

“Fine, I came here to tell you not to make plans this Friday”

“Don’t tell me it’s another family dinner” I say with dread

“No, it’s a fundraiser, and I happen to need a date”

“Like last time worked out well”

‘Can we just forget about that, I don’t need you bringing it up so much” he says with a exasperated sigh

“But how can I forget it huh, your eyes looked at my own with such anger that promised torture, and hate that threatened to suffocate me, Luke you scared me”

“It’s Lulu for you Althaia, and, just, it’s complicated okay, and I am sorry, that won’t happen again, I promise”

“Will you tell me what it was about at least?” I ask, and he shakes his head, turning around as he runs his hand through his hair, he looks at me

“I can’t Al, not yet, now please, let it go, for now at least?’ his eyes are almost pleading, I almost miss the pain behind the storm, and I relent.

“Fine. I’ll make no plans for Friday, although I have a feeling, that asking Connor for another day off in one week will be a pain” I say

“Don’t worry about that” he’s quick to reassure me

“You just about like taking control of everything don’t you?” I tease shaking my head, and he chuckles my way as he says

“Control is all I know love’ as he walks to the door of my apartment he turns before walking out and he adds

“See you on Friday Al”. With that he’s out the door, and I release the bundle of air I didn’t realise I was holding in.


Conie Reigh

Edited: 10.01.2021

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