Althaia ( The Collision of Three ).

Its Official

“Probably should have warned you that nights with us involved never end well” is what I say, not knowing what to say exactly, and he scoffs in reaction plainly looking my way

“What exactly happened tonight Althaia, and what the hell did Linda mean about the pills?” his tone sounds irritated if not mad, and it’s my turn to scoff when I question

“So you can ask me about my business, yet you still won’t open up to me?”

“Don’t try to direct this my way right now Althaia”

“Why not?, you know what, you keep your secrets and I’ll keep mine so let’s leave it at that!” I exclaim maddened by the fact that not only is he prodding into something I’m not ready to share with him, he himself hasn’t exactly told me why he blew up on me the other night, plus the fact that we aren’t even really dating, I mean sure we kissed, but that was once…I grunt in frustration as my thoughts run rampant

“If you don’t tell me I’ll find out one way or another Althaia, I can promise you that” he grimly states and my head shoots his way as I look at him in surprise, anger and hurt

“Luke, my private life is private okay, what you’re doing is unfair, I mean for god sake we aren’t even really together!”

“I already told you that you’re mine as I am yours”

“Exactly! what in the bloody hell does that even mean!?” I exclaim exasperated

“It means I don’t care if this started off as pretend, because for me it wasn’t at all, you were mine minute I first saw you”

“Yea, another time you blew up on me, you’ve got quite the record” I glare his way and he sighs and calmly says

“Look I don’t know what this is, where this urge to protect you and make you mine alone comes from, fact is it’s there and now that I’ve got you, I’m not letting go, so its best you get used to the idea”

“Are you saying that this isn’t pretend anymore?” my voice is tired when I ask and he nods as he says

“Yes, no more pretending, meaning now you’re my real girlfriend, mine to take anywhere, do anything to and with and mine to most importantly know, Althaia it’s eating me alive not knowing what’s going on with you” having nothing to say I just stare blankly trying to process what he just said

“You also promised to tell me” he adds, and I can’t help but shake my head furiously at that

“Not now, not yet, Luke…I can’t, please don’t force me to” I plead as I feel my eyes near brimming with tears. He sees this and is quickly to pull me into his chest, and now perched on his lap I can’t help but cry and I do as he rubs my back cooing for me to stop crying

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to force you or make you cry, I hate seeing you cry” he whispers near my ear as we sit in an almost rocking rhythm.

Realising what I cry baby I’m being, I force myself stop thinking about everything. Luke stands up with me still on top of him, except now my legs wrap around his waist, my face hidden in his chest, my arms hang around his neck as he wraps his arms around my waist to keep me up. I figure he’s walking to his room.

I’m not wrong, he settles me onto the bed, and I don’t bother looking at my surroundings as I crawl under the covers. He gets in behind me and pulls my body close to his as he throws his arm around my waist, I snuggle closer.

“Goodnight love” Is all I hear before sleep drags me in before I know it.

I wake up to burning lungs as I try to inhale as much air as I can, except I can’ t, something is preventing me from breathing, something heavy and smothering. I thrash around as I realise that somebody has a pillow over my face. Right when I’m about to give up its moved away, and I end up in a coughing fit as laughs surround me.

With teary eyes I look at him with his friends around as they laugh finding pleasure in my pain. Sick sadist is what they are. Then again maybe it’s my fault, I made myself his target minute I turned him down in front of the whole cafeteria. A male’s bruised ego can sure turn sinister, especially that of a boy going through puberty.

It totally doesn’t help that we live under the same roof, in the same orphanage, what I don’t understand is how a middle school boy can be so evil and torturous. They stop laughing when we hear a door shut and steps walking up the stairs, knowing its Mrs Vandel they scurry out of my room, and I hide under my blankets as I silently cry because of what I go through here


I wake up to being lightly shaken awake and I realise my pillow is wet as I open my eyes only to look into stormy ones, and I gasp at how close his face is to mine as I sit up against the headboard.

“Hey, you were crying in your sleep” he says softly, his voice laced with concern

“Sorry” I mutter out and he’s quick to shake his head and say

“No need to apologise, want to talk about it”

“No, it was just a nightmare is all” I say trying to reassure him so he can drop the subject. It wasn’t a nightmare but a memory.

“Okay, here I made breakfast, now eat up” he says with a nod as he places a tray onto my lap. It has pancakes and chocolate syrup, some strawberries and a glass of orange juice.

“Thank you” I say and offer him tight lipped smile.

Conie Reigh

Edited: 10.01.2021

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