Angelic Sword

War General!

Once upon a time, in the year 206 a war between Demons and Angels broke out in our very planet Earth! While Angels had aims to be earth's protectors, Human greed led towards a different path, a path which resulted in a every species for himself motive. Angels refused to work together with Humans anymore, as they simply saw it as something that would drag them back instead of actually helping towards the angel's selfless goals.

Giving a poor preview in front of the angels, humans were glanced upon as demons in human form. How did this all start? Well. It all happened when the holy Angelic Sword fell into the hands of the Demons. How it got on their hands is uncertain. But one thing was for sure, the Demons would not use it for good!

With Plans to turn Earth into a new dimension of hell, the Demons wielded the Angelic Sword and opened up a portal. A Big non materialistic portals ranging 50 feet high and 30 feet wide. Hundreds of demons rushed out of those portal in an instance, as if their numbers were limitless.

Targeting the third biggest Continent on Earth, Listenar. Now the year being 606,  In a matter of 400 years, they conquered half of that Continent already. You would consider it slow, but the Demons had time to spare with the Angelic Sword being hidden all the way to the other side of hell. It was used only once to open one portal. And it was never heard from again. 

You would think that they destroyed that Sword, but no. No if they did, the consequences would be irreversible for both the Demons and the Angels. Why? Well we will find out later, that is certain.

"War General Sir! We are ready to launch operation "Portal penetration" Sir!" Saluted an astonishing female angel as she approached the War General. This war general is a fairly haired man, with white hair going all the way down to the back of his knees being thick, voluminous and full of life. His face glew in a way that he seemed like he was the source of all life himself. But yet again, all angels have a similar glow. Their beauty and height, unmatching. Each Angel stood 15 feet tall, and their hair was commonly very long and always beautifully white.

"Alright soldier. With luck, we will manage to penetrate that accursed portal that has been plaguing Earth's land for the past 400 years." Looking at the map in front of him, which gives a strong view of the surroundings the portal finds itself at. Letting out a deeply inhaled sigh, he continues. "You would think that human kind would give some effort for their land, family, home. But no, greed seems to be stronger". And in this case, the War General had a strong point, 4 co operations with Humans led to 3 double crossing and or backstabbing and one plan simply being unsuccessful even after considering that the Humans remained loyal that one time. "Throw a chest of gold in front of these humans and they couldn't care less about the rest. The world can burn for all they care!" He held his head and gently shook it from left to right in a rather big, event based disappointment.

"Sir. I do not intend any disrespect, but do you think that only 100 Angelic Warriors will qualify for the task? We don't know what could await us on the other side of that portal." Pointed out that female angel which came in to bring the information. The one which came to point out that the troops are ready. She had a strong point as well. The Demons had a Demonic army big enough to conquer half of an entire continent. Entering through that portal, even if they actually manage to go through it, is suicidal. Once these Angels enter the Demonic realm, they are no longer immortal, anything or anyone can kill them, and their body form would simply disintegrate. Banished from existence.

 Looking away from the map, the War General spoke in a rather calming tone. "We can take whatever awaits us on the other side of that portal. If not, at least our fellow brothers and sisters will know that this new approach works." Smiled the War General as he looked the Warrior right in the eye. Feeling proud to see younger generations of angels having such a sharp mind.

"You do have a point Sir. Should i get the…"

"Yes. Get the troops ready. We will deport shortly." He quit eye contact and continued to glance upon the map, recounting every step they need to take to make this plan work. Failure is not an option. If they all die before even reaching the Portal, these 100 Angels would be put into waste even though none of them would resist sacrificing themselves. Fearless, selfless.

"Yes Sir!" She saluted and simply faded in mid air. They are in their own realm after all, apart from that, angels are even considered literal light. Light formed into the most pure species in the universe. Amazing, isn't it.

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