Another Millionaire Story

Chapter Four

" So how was your first day?"

My roomie and close friend Jennifer, asks from the bathroom. We live in a smallish flat in the City. It was the nearest flat to the company that was available when we arrived here. It has two bedrooms and bathrooms, and a living room that's connects with the kitchen. A counter-top separates them.

I have survived the first day of work. After the speech of Austin Ames, everyone went back to being interns on their first day. Mr Ames didn't look at me again after starting his speech. He left just after what looked like an important phone call. 

"Well... I became an errand girl. I almost smacked a door in the new bosse's face. According to the new boss, I intimidated one of my colleagues, which is completely untrue. And he dubbed me a fire cracker. So I was marked on my first day already. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Probably the latter. Oh and I was also called a brown noser, because I was chosen to be the errand girl... Yep that's it. I think..." I finally end my monologue. When I turn I find Jennifer staring at me from inside the bathroom. 

"Great start." Was the only reply I got before she closed the door. Not long after, I hear the shower turn on and I decide to start with dinner.


"So what do you mean with 'new boss'? Did the mighty Jack Ames retire? And is his sexy son taking over?" There's a small pause before she suck's in a breath.

We are sitting in the living room in front of the TV after dinner.

"Does that mean you smacked a door in the hot, beautiful face of Austin Ames! How did it feel?" She asks excited. 

"Uhmm like I almost smacked a door in someone's face..." I say slowly.

"Does he look as hot in the pictures?" She ask excitedly.

"Better." I say thoughtful. 

His good looks isn't what had me thinking about him even after he left from our office floor today. It was his eyes. They can see inside a person. It's as if he can know when you're hiding something. That feeling isn't sitting well with me. I can't really tell if he would even remember about me tomorrow, but I hope not. I don't like the idea that someone can read me.

Snapping fingers brings me out of my thoughts. " Earth to Nat. Your blushing, where you thinking about your sexy new boss." She says with a sly grin.

"No, I know I'm not blushing. And no I was thinking we need a night out." I say to try and get her of the topic.

"Now you're talking!" She suddenly jumps up from the coach we were sitting on. " I haven't had the chance to show off the new dress that I bought last week! " 

Then she dissappears in to her room. I follow her lead. And I make the decision to forget my first day of work tonight. It wasn't that bad. But I don't think it was good either.


"How do I look?" 

Jennifer makes a twirl for me and I have to nod my head in approval.

"You looks great as always." She has this ability to find clothes that would make her look like a million dollars, while I usually have to look around for hours in shops before I can find something that fits perfectly. 

She gives me a once over and brightly smiles while nodding her had. " I think we're ready to mingle." And smacks her lips.

"I messaged all the others, they're meeting us at the club. And! We are both finding ourselves a man tonight." She says with a firm nod.

In the whole friendship group; Jennifer and I are the only two without a relationship. Not that it really bothers us. We have our reasons for not having someone special in our lives at the moment. 

"Yes, we need to get you off of that dirty shelf that your currently on." I say with mock seriousness.

She takes a deep breath. And place one hand on her hip. The other hand is pointing at me. " For your information - that's a place that you will never find me. Dead or alive." 

With that she opens the front door and strides out of our flat .

She has this larger than life persona, but I think it's only to hide the fact that she has been hurt by the people closest to her too many times. Yet she is one of those people who you can count on. You can need her, day or night, and she would be there for you. But most people don't know that. She hides it well under her loud and indifferent mask.

I really do hope that someone out there can one day dig deep enough to find her. She deserves to be loved unconditionally. 


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