Aria & Neil

Chapter - 7

In the morning, the sun rose and the brightly sunlit sky took the place of the star studded one. The Aurora had disappeared and the clear blue sky was over their heads. After they had their morning tea in the hut, he took her to the local restaurants from which Aria ate from the never known before street vendors.

‘So do you like this?,’ asked Neil as they tried the biggest hotdog there was.

‘It is the best breakfast I have had in all my life except the one time when I ate at the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo,’ replied Aria.

‘No I mean having a day like other people in the streets instead of being in your palace.’

‘It is not my palace, it is my home which is a little bigger than those of other people and yes, I like being in the streets enjoying my breakfast like other people. It is nice to have a day out without paparazzi chasing after me to ask about the first thing I do in the morning,’ explained Aria.

‘So how do you deal with it? Do you spend all the time trying to hide from them?’

‘Well, most of the time, I avoid facing them altogether but since you know I became a billionaire or rather achieved the status officially, the press attention has increased by a lot, so when I have to make a public appearance, I just make subtle and short answers. They are going to publish what they want anyway.’

‘Must be hard and not to mention tiresome for you,’ remarked Neil. ‘Cotton candy?’

‘Of course.’

They were proceeding to the park when Neil’s phone rang.

‘I am sorry, Aria. I think I will have to go urgently,’ said Neil after he had finished talking on the phone.

‘What happened?’

‘I don’t exactly know but one of my team members just called and said I have to be there. I think we will have to leave. I will first drop you at the villa and then I will go.’

‘No, I think I want to stay here,’ replied Aria.

‘But how are you going to get home then?’

‘I will call a cab or if that doesn’t work, I have my driver’s and bodyguard’s number. I will call them and they will take me there.’

‘Are you sure?,’ asked Neil.

‘Yes, I will be all right. You should go, it seemed important.’

‘Okay then, see you soon.’

Aria spent some time wandering in the park, sitting on the park bench observing the people go on with their daily lives. After an hour, she called a cab to take her home. At noon, she arrived at the villa. As she reached to her chambers, she was halted by her mother who looked unusually cheerful.

‘Aria! Where were you? I was looking for you for some time. Anyways, I have something to tell you,’ said her mother.

‘What is it, mother? You look happy,’ remarked Aria.

‘In the morning, I got a call from Mr. Norton. He informed me that the issues regarding the money fraud had been tackled and we will be recovering our losses and the faith of our investors in no time.’

‘That’s wonderful. So did he tell you how it all started in the first place?,’ asked Aria.

‘No, apparently they have not figured out the core details yet as they said it may take some more time. But I think if this is released in the public, it will sure revive our reputation in the market and the dignity of the Greenes. I will be calling a press conference at the company in an hour. Perhaps, after all this is settled, you will get some proper exposure too.’

Maya Greene left and Aria went to her chambers. She wondered why Neil didn’t tell her all about it in the morning. Nevertheless, she was happy that things are finally getting better for the business and because Neil made it all happened.

At that time, Miss Allen called on her to show her some new designs and took her to meet other designers so that she could get more help and advice.

In the evening, when Maya returned, she brought with her the whole investigation team for a little celebration of their new achievement. Aria joined them too.

‘You didn’t tell me anything about the progress you have been making in this case when we were together before,’ Aria asked Neil as they others got busy in enjoying themselves to the drinks.

‘I myself did not know that we would be able to them to find something this fast. It is only when I got the call that I got to know about it. I mean I did know that we will sure find something soon but this happened a little faster than I expected,’ answered Neil.

‘So how did you do it? And mother told me you have not yet found out about how it started in the first place.’

‘It wasn’t really that big of a money fraud. Just some of the important papers were misplaced. I think most of it was done to defame the company and your mother. We have cleared this matter for now and it will limit the allegations by the media.’

‘Does that mean you will visit here anymore?’

‘They will be reduced but not completely as you said we still have to find the cause of it and who was behind all this I will have to visit here once in a while.’

‘Who do you think could have done it?,’ asked Aria.

‘I personally think it must have been someone close to your mother who has all the intimate details of the company. It all has been done with the sole purpose of targeting your mother.’

As Neil was explaining all of this to Aria, Maya interrupted them to praise Neil of his efforts.

‘Mr. Anderson, I must say that I am very pleased with the way you have saved the company’s and above all, my reputation. Peter was just telling me how you carefully you handled all of the secret documents and private accounts from being leaked in the media thus saving us from any kind of berating scandal. I am sure you will be able to resolve the rest of the matter in no time.’

‘I appreciate that, Mrs. Greene,’ said Neil.

‘You remember what I told you Mrs. Greene,’ Mr. Norton joined her. ‘On the first day that this young man will not do anything to disappoint you.’

Amisha Goel

Edited: 17.01.2021

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