Arx's Re:life

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Chapter 1: A New Life in a New Base

“Now this is a bad situation…..” a man muttered

As our main guy arrived at the naval base, without being briefed of anything, stood in front of the main door. Although he was being briefed, but he was actually lazing around and didn’t focused on listening to the briefing. So in the next instant, he was sent to the naval base that he was assigned to, and officially became an admiral. Even though he is skilled in leading armies, but the situation now creates an environment of a haunted naval base because he did not see a single shadow in and outside of the base.

“As I thought, I should’ve listened and focused on that briefing just now……” he sighed

In his hand was a list of orders given by the High Command. He repeatedly read through the order papers to see what is he going through, but to no avail, the only thing written on it was ‘You are now an admiral, Go and lead the ship girls to fight our enemies’.

“I guess I’m going to become an admiral without knowing the basics, huh?” he sighed again before opening the door and walking into the building labelled ‘Port Authority Building’.

To any soldier, he was just an ordinary guy where you have no idea he would be that popular or anything. He was just your ordinary bystander type of guy. He wore a normal t-shirt and a pair of jeans, which now has an admiral coat covering them. As he walked through the building, he did not see a single soul in the building. But as he walked towards the Admiral’s office, he heard two voice coming from it.

“Is the new admiral coming?”

“I think he should be here any moment now.”

“How should we treat him?”

“Like how the rest of us do to the other admirals.”

As he kept on eavesdropping on their conversation. He felt that it’s time for him to make an appearance. So he casually opened the door and walked into the office. This action startled the two girls inside. He looked around and began observing them, although the girls are different in sizes, but they all have the same trait, both of them are blonde. This surprised him because he didn’t expect the so-called ship girls were so human-like

“Good to see you, my name is Battleship Warspite of the Queen Elizabeth-class. Admiral, thanks for having me.” The older, elegant looking girl announced

“N-Nice to meet you. L-Lucky J-Jervis is here! Y-Yeah, that's absolutely right! L-Leave it to me!” the younger one stuttered.

“Nice to meet the both of you, my name is Arx. You may call me Admiral Arx, or just Arx will be fine.” The man answered

“I see, then we will call you Admiral as a start then.” Warspite replied

“Alright. By the way, where are the rest?” Arx replied and asked

“Oh, well there is two more in this base. But right now both of them are on an expedition. So I will call you when they returned. In the meantime, go ahead and try out your new office.” Warspite said

“Alright, thank you” Arx thanked

“You are welcome.” Warspite replied



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