Away from Home

Chapter 4: The Cycle starts over

The day was hot, when Arraya was sent to the ER. She gave birth to a girl named Talia.

Talia quickly developed in the new house that her mother bought. She had the same eyes, and color of hair as of his father. Her face came mostly from Arraya. She had freckles around her cheek, and dimples everytime she sees somebody else father. She always asked Arraya why she had no father and kept asking her the same question every single evening after she finish her school. But Arraya told her his name.

That made Talia thought of something incredible and something not a 5 year old child could easily do. She asked someone to print posters with the message,

"Jojen Fade, please come back home. Mother wants to see you and I want to hug you."

The poster was spread all over town. Arraya was happy at the same time mad that Talia had to spend all her savings on 50 posters. Arraya never thought of Jojen returning. She takes pills every night to put herself to sleep and forget about Jojen. She believed that Jojen was dead.

Until one call on her daughter's 12th birthday party. A familiar voice, the voice that whispered on her ear when Johen was taken away from her.

"Do you want to see you husband?" Fred questioned but there was no reply. There was silence, Arraya closed down the phone. Then suddenly Talia was there with a cake and three forks.

"Mom! Let's eat"

Arraya smiled and slapped Talia. Arraya's sister came to Talia and yelled at Arraya. They had an argument about Arraya taking drugs. That she became mental. These words never meant anything to Talia. So she gets close to her mother and tries to hug her as she recieved countless spank, slaps, and punches. Arraya wanted to force Talia away from her but Talia just doesn't want to let go.

Arraya's cousin pulled Talia away from her mother.  Arraya took out a grenade out from a cabinet. She smiled as she pulled off the trigger. Everyone ran out except Arraya who stayed with a 30 second time grenade and blew up with it. Talia bursted out in tears as she hid under her aunt's chin.

Talia had her 20th brithday at Vegerly Bun. Where she worked as a waiter in her night shift. There were many people in the diner, mostly Talia's friends, co workers and manager. But there wasn't one who was really close to her. Which she really wanted after her 12th tragic birthday party.

They had fun, talked a lot about each other, and customers were coming in because they wanted to be part of the celebration of their cute and sweet kind waitress. They were all familiar faces to Talia until one came in whom she does not knew. He was about in his mid fourty and was as tall as their diner's screen door. He had blue eyes and chestnut hair like Talia's. He had a sweet and cute smile when a friend of Talia offered him the menu.

She told Talia that the man looked more like her. Talia chuckled off her joke and secretly felt a slight of nervousness and excitement. At that moment she remembered what her mother had said to her. That she has the same hair and eye color with a smile that she can never forget how charming he was.

The man raised his right hand, wanting to order. Her friend responded but Talia stopped her and told her that she was going. Talia asked for his order, and it was their ussual burger and coke. But he added a slice of brocolli and apple which was out of their menu.

"But sir, we don't have any brocolli and apple in our menu" she corrected him with a smile

"Too bad" he said,

Talia left him and whispered to her friend that he's a weird man with weird taste of Brocolli paired with apple. But that weird combination was also favored by Talia. She loved the combination of both ingredients. She described it as popping acids when she eats them.

Talia gave the order to the man. It had brocolli and apple, the ones that she saved in the fridge for her midnight snack. She looked at him as she sees the man happy when eating the burger. He liked it, and noticed that Talia might also like it. So he offered the half eaten burger and said, "Happy birthday."

"thanks," Talia chuckled and responded, "but I'm not allowed to eat other customer's order. Its rude."

The man didn't mind and continued eating the burger like a child. Then Talia once again took a closer and deeper look. "Do I know you?" She asked kindly.

The man fixed with Talia. "No"

"Oh well..." she backed off and bowed, "have a good day to you uhmm... may I know your name?"

"My-name?" The man stuttered

"Yes your name"

The man took some time and suddenly the shape of his iris enlarged. "Garry" his voice became monotonous.

"Well nice to meet you Garry, thank you for dining in Vegerly Bun. Thank you for greeting me happy birthday. It felt heart warming."

"Your so young..."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm glad to know there's still some people left good in this world" there was a bit of human and bit of robotic in his voice. This creeped out other people but it did not to Talia.

"And you're one of them sir Garry." She said as Garry bowed and took his leave.

Talia's friend asked, "Do you know that guy?"

"Kinda, he felt like home"

"Really now..."

"No kidding."

"'Sigh' everyone is wating for you let's back and celebrate your 20th birthday!"

Meanwhile on the cold silent road outside the diner. Garry forgot everything as he stared into open space. Fred's voice transmissioned directly onto his brain.

"Looks like you failed me, Jojen Fade. You didn't let me get full control of you. Go jump off a bridge or something. I'm just going to use your daughter after your dead."

Jojen walked far away from the diner, towards the bridge that has a drop that couldn't be seen because of how deep it was. Jojen stepped up on the ledge and heard Fred yelling inside him.


Jojen tried to fight it, and even had the chance to step back. "Get out of my head!" He screamed.


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