Awful Issues

14- Payback

"I won." He enunciated. He won. He won. HE WON! Oh my God. Extreme anxiety and fear distraught me as my mind was clouded with those unawares thoughts of upcoming dread. I shouldn't have agreed for this and once again I cannot push him away.

My lips began to quiver as my heart burst from consternation of what he is planning.

His minatory gaze scanned me as I started. I quickly averted my gaze and closed the buttons of my shirt and got down from the table.

I bit my bottom lip, unnerving tribulations rushing in my veins. I hugged my sides and took a deep breath.

"You won... I won't stop you from touching me." I said coldly.

"My, My that harsh. Don't forget my beloved Garnet, you agreed for this." He is right. I was so delusional, what in the world I was thinking?

He took his phone and smirked, "7 minutes, Impressive." He complimented. 7 minutes were like 7 hours but at the same time a voice came from inside me,

'7 minutes in heaven.'

My heart skipped a beat when this thought stuck me. It held actuality in it but I will never accept that fact that his touch was irresistible and gave me excites I never felt.

I remained silent and turned to leave but he held my arm and looked at me with a glint of possession which evoked a shiver from me.

His smirk faded as he looked intensely at me. I tentatively looked at him. There was sadness and anger flashing in his eyes for I don't know what.

He straightened the collar of my shirt and moved his hand slowly down while speaking in an authorized tone, "Now crave it into your mind Garnet..." He began to say. I trembled uncontrollably by his sudden dominance and that dire look as if he owns me.

"Only I can touch you like this." He pulled me from my collar and my already weak legs stumbled and fell on his bare chest. My heart literally stopped when my palm touched his hot body. I shivered when I made contact with his exposed beauty, it gave a tingling sensation between my thighs. My quivering lips parted as I kept looking at him panting heavily. He demeanour is still that serious one as he leaned extremely close to my face. His breath lingered on my face and those emotions which was fading inside me came back with much force, alluring me in his charm which is too good for my own.

"Refuse Jasper." He ordered. Overwhelmed by this possessive behaviour of his, I just gave him a nod.

His eyes then cascaded down and stopped at my chest as my heart skipped a beat. Shaking by those darkly beautiful gaze, my mind for a second began to desire him. He slowly opened my buttons and surprisingly I also didn't stop him. My eyes just stare into his, not leaving his sapphire gaze, wanting to know why they have same sorrows as mine, Why he is saying these things to me? But his unfathomable gaze is fixed upon my chest.

"You think I didn't notice.. " He almost scowled at me and that brought me to reality as I realized he was looking at those cuts.

My whole being stilled, I lost my capability to think. A shallow breath escaped my lips as a tear- out of nowhere, rolled down my cheek.

"Did you do this to yourself?" He asked, brushing his fingers over it. I shivered by his touch and replied in a whisper, "Didn't Lucien told you about me?"

"He didn't and I promised that I won't even try to know."

"They did it." My voice came out croaked. He finally looked at me, wanting to know what I meant but I just lowered my head and put my head over his chest,

"Stop it Roy.. "I whispered. A tear rolled down my cheek, "Don't try to know me. Take your Revenge and liberate me." I begged.

A silence fell upon us and I slowly pulled away. We both looked away as he said,

"Get me my shirt, Garnet." I didn't said anything and walked to the couch and picked it and turned to give him as he was looking at me.

Is it me or he is hiding his back?

He quickly took his shirt and wore it. I looked away as he readied himself.

"You may leave." He said, setting his cuffs. I was about to leave but stopped and turned to him. His tie was a bit uneven so I turned to him and held his necktie and secured it correctly. He looked at me astonished and a tiny shred of affection which was hidden behind his facades the moment I noticed it. I shrugged it off and pulled away and was about to leave but I remembered I forget the most important thing; my phone. I quickly get it from the table and left.

I entered my office and closed the door behind me and leaned on it. I let out my pants which got stuck in my throat. Now being alone, I give a thought to what I lost; I gave an invitation to ravage. When I knew I would lose why do I even agreed? And the way his touch drove me senseless, so skilled that I couldn't even be able to resist him, if I allowed him to kiss me... no, I shuddered when I think about it.

My whole body was quivering, I put my hand over my chest. I could feel his touch tingling over my body and stirring my mind in temptation. My heart was pounding out of my chest, my breath was uneven. What the hell have I done?

 I realized just how much of an morally wrong act I have committed. What in the hell I was thinking?

My legs fall on the ground as my mind was intoxicated in the guilty pleasure I just received, not letting me release my agony. I gulped and lifted my skirt a little and saw a hickey. He marked me- as his prey. I pressed my legs together feeling ashamed.

I remained like this for a while and soon a devoid filled me as I felt hollow. 

I shook my head and got up and went to the washroom and washed my face and tried not to think about it anymore because it will make me drown in guilt.

I went back to my cabin. I tried to divert my mind and engrossed myself in work and soon the time to leave for home came and I thanked God deeply.


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