Awful Issues

15- Deviant Jealousy

A wide yet wicked grin spread across my lips as I leaned on the desk in Mr Layne's cabin.

"Thank you very much." I said sweetly, hiding the venom of my voice and took the cheque from him. I got my loan.

Enough money to get a home, move Erica with me and for her studies. Since I am stuck here for the next three years, I will pay it back.

On the second thought, I could make Mr Layne terminate the contract himself as he has to pay 1 Million compensation for it. And again... I am an idiot! Why didn't I think about this before?!

Well, at least I got what I want, greed might drown me.

Mr Layne scoffed, utterly infuriated how I could do this to him but I loved it, how I broke his pride and showed him he cannot sway me like any woman and I left.

I went home, I have already asked Lesley to find me a home and she did. I have already prepared all the papers for Erica to leave and for the new home.

"Here you go!" Lesley announced taking a step inside the house. The best thing about it is that it's near my workplace. And I don't have to change three to four buses to reach there or leave the house almost Two hours before work.

I entered, there's a hall and in front cascaded down two pairs of stairs to a lounge and back again to the hall, there are two rooms beside each other and a kitchen in the opposite direction. There's a glass door in the front wall of the right room which leads to a small but pretty garden. The place was small but cute and perfect for us.

Now, I need to get Erica. Okay, I have a stable job with a very good pay and I can easily pay back my loan and. There are no problems for the next three years.. For money. And finally after almost four months ever since I left the orphanage, I moved into my own home. And gonna take Erica with me too. I deserve praise for settling down that quick- even if that was immoral but who cares? I deserve this much after what I have gone through.

I inhaled and smiled widely. "There's a school nearby too." Lesley told me. I nodded.

"I guess. 5th standard would be right for Erica." I shook my head no.

"6th." I said.

"You sure?" Lesley asked and I nodded. "Okay." She shrugged her shoulders. I then took all those forms from the orphanage and filled them and did all the stuff I need. I also moved to my new home and Lesley helped me a lot with it. I took a two days leave from work and got everything ready.

"To our new home!" Lesley shouted as we both clicked the glass of our red wine together.

"To our new home!" I said cheerfully and took a sip of my drink. God, I missed it.

"You sure, you should drink this?" She asked.

"I am fine, besides, what harm one drink can cause?" I laughed off. "It's not like I will become an addict like before in just one drink." I said drinking my wine slowly and enjoying the taste. Lesley hummed and we began to talk about stuff.

The time passed and we both spend the night at my new place.

The next day, I woke in my room as sunlight fell over my face because I forgot to put on curtains, light glistened over my face waking me up from my lull. I rubbed my eyes and sat up.

I stretched and got ready. This Sunday Eri. Just wait.

Filled with blithe, I got ready and left for my work.

Too exhilarated, I didn't let anything get to my heart- not even Mr Layne's taunts.

On my way, I stumbled upon Jasper.

"Oh, Sorry." I apologized.

"It's okay. May I know why you are that lost in happiness?" He asked sweetly. I grinned and replied, "This Sunday my sister will move in with me."

"Really? Where she lives now?" He asked.


"Oh... Congratulations then." He said sincerely.

"Thanks." I said with a quiet laugh. I then tugged my hairs behind my ears and began to say, "Uh.. Jasper... I want to apologize for not coming."

"No, it's okay. You must have your reasons." He said.

"Hmm." I hummed.

"If you need any help, tell me." He said expectantly.

"I will." I grinned again.

"By the way, do you want to get a cup of coffee with me after work?" He offered.

"I would love to." I couldn't say yes before but now I did. He is a nice guy. What harm a date or two will cause?

"Okay then.. See you." He smiled and I smiled back.

I shook my head and went to get me a cup of tea.

As I was walking down the corridor. I saw Mr Layne, I passed him a faint smile but ever since I blackmailed him he just kept being grumpy and I found it too funny.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes from me and walked past me but that's what I thought before my mind could register what happened or perhaps I took a step forward, I was pinned harshly against the wall; not even in his office but rather on an empty corridor!  

Feeling alarmed by his touch. I tried to speak something but he put his hand over my mouth and held hands over my head with his other hand. My eyes widened in horror as my heart skipped a beat. There was a storm in his eyes which immersed me in dread. Was it because of my empty threats or Something else? But one thing was sure, it's surely fatal.

He slowly pressed his body against mine as I began to struggle to get out of the prison of his arms but his grip tightened as he hissed, "Stop it, Garnet. You are not allowed to push me away." My heart hammered against my chest as I lost my breath in his unbearable presence.

His hand over my mouth loosen as he put his index finger over my lips. "Shh..." he hushed me. My quivering lips parted as I mouthed a 'sorry' but that didn't affect him in the slightest as he grit his teeth. Losing myself in his intimidation I began to shake ferociously,

"Please let me go, Sir. Anyone will see." I whispered desperately. I was becoming breathless by each passing second wanting to get him away but his dire gaze preyed over me and I felt vulnerable before him.


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