Awful Issues

22- His Vengeance

Garnet POV:-

I put my hands over his marks over my body and inhaled deeply. I traced my fingers over them and let the cold droplets of water of hit my body like an arrow. My heart hurts in fact my heart got lost at that moments when I asked him what I am to him and he said that I am nothing but his personal assistant. That's what broke my heart and initiated me to do all these things. 

If he needs me desperately then why don't he said it himself, why he is being jealous and not telling me what his heart desires. 

I swear if he told me what he truly thinks of he, I would leave the world for him but no, he has decided to be a pathetic coward and act as if he owns me. I cannot assume things always, sometimes he has to speak himself what he wants and tell me. 

Why is he pushing things away and hiding himself in those bottomless pits of turmoil?

I shook my head and walked out of the bathroom. My heart was thumping against my chest in dread but not because of his revenge, what a broken like him could do. But the fright of not seeing him ever again. I took out his coin and sat on the bed and looked at it. A sad smile crept upon my lips as I looked at it. 

I put it back and wore my dress. The black backless gown which hugged my curved perfectly. It's lacy sleeves reaching my wrist. I looked at my reflection, the dress hid all his marks. I lowered my gaze and applied a little makeup and curled my hairs from the edges. I applied a dark red lipstick and looked overall pretty. 

Eri entered and looked at me in awe. She hugged me and smiled widely, 

"You look so beautiful Nut! Brother will be head over heels for you." I blushed and lowered my head. "Thanks." I mumbled. 

"Eri..." I called her, cupping her cheeks. She hummed and I continued, "Today is a big day for me, pray everything went well." I took my phone, ready to pay Roy back, ready to play our sweet talk. I am not going without any preparation. 

"I wish you will receive everything you wish for." She wished. I was about to kiss her forehead but she pulled away and waved her hands, 

"Ew! I don't want that lipstick mark." I laughed and ruffled her hairs. She kept looking at me in admiration and I got ready. 

I asked Lesley to stay here in my absence to stay with Erica, when she came I finally left with my heart thumping out of my chest. 

I reached the destination and felt agitated to see so many high society people. I nibbled on my bottom lip nervously and walked inside feeling low. But thankfully I saw Jasper so I went to him and talked to him to pass my time. 

As I was talking, a hand wrapped itself around my shoulder, I gasped by the sudden touch and turned to see Lucien smiling at me. My eye widened when I saw him, looking so beautiful that I cannot explain. His heart touching smile and those eyes that never fails to entice me. 

Wearing a white shirt with its sleeves rolled upward neatly below his elbow along with a fancy black tie and grey waistcoat. Looking so appealing that a smile crept upon my lips. I put my hand over his hand, he kissed my cheek and said looking deeply into my eyes, 

"You are looking so graceful love." He complimented. I chuckled and replied, "Thanks. You are also looking handsome." He smiled widely and pulled me close. We were talking and I left to get him a drink.

And my eyes fell upon the main attraction of tonight, whose beauty cannot be compared by anyone, Roy. 

With his hairs perfectly combed and eyes shining like gems. Wearing that double breast suit with total eight buttons and all black which enhanced his features more. Looking so alluring that no one could take it's eyes from him. My heart skipped a beat when I looked at him, looking so irresistible with a group of girl around him. His brooch with a ruby fixes upon it and no tie, just a few buttons of his shirt were opened, flawless as ever. A smile crept upon his thick lips and I quickly avert my gaze, not wanting to dazzle myself in him more but I caught a glimpse of his usual rings in his finger. But there's an addition of another ring a total of three rings in his index and middle finger and his thumb. 

I shook my head and walked to Lucien.  

"Here you go." I smiled he smiled back and took the drink and asked after taking a sip,

"Aren't you drinking?" 

"You are asking this. " I asked, putting a hand over my waist. He chuckled and replied, "Ah, sorry. But what harm a few drinks can cause?" 

"A lot." I said. He shrugged his shoulders and drank his drink. 

We were talking and then Roy came, 

"Hey." He said in his deep supreme voice and stood beside me. He turned to looked at me and continued, "Oh, Miss Beth..  When did you came?" I forced a smile and turned to him, 

"Sir, I came when you were busy talking." He nodded and held my hand. My mouth gaped and I turned to look at Lucien he was unaffected by this and even teased, 

"Roy.. Don't take my girl away from me." Roy laughed a little and kissed the back of my palm, 

"You are looking very captivating, Miss Beth." He said in that charming voice. I nervously pulled and hands away and tugged my hair behind my ear, 

"Uh... Thank y-you, S-Sir, You  a-are also looking c-charming." I stuttered. He just chuckled and Lucien said, 

"Too bad she is mine." He winked and Roy looked at me with a ravish look which made my heart skip a beat. I swallowed the lump in my throat and Roy asked, "You okay, Miss Beth?" I nodded, holding Lucien's shirt. Lucien caress my cheeks and asked softly and I could feel the glare of Roy when Lucien touched me, "You okay, love?" He asked and I smiled and nodded, "Yes, honey." And this boiled his blood more. Please up for once Roy, your one call is enough for me. Both of us are doing this for you.


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