Baby on campus

Cheshire cat

Kiera's POV (continuation) 


The lights streaming in from the window hits my now open eyes as I push myself off the bed, I look around the room which is empty and tidy, the complete opposite of how it was yesterday if I remember clearly. 


Its either I woke up late or the guys left early after cleaning up the place. 


I head for the bathroom but stop when my eyes catches a note sitting on my reading table. 


I reach for it then pry it open. 


Note: If you are seeing this letter it means you just woke up. :-) :-). 


From the stupidity and handwriting of the note I could easily tell its from Ashley. 


I turn to the back of the note and notice a small writing at the bottom. 


Note: Good morning. 


A low chuckle rumble out of my chest. I gently place the note back on the reading table then walk to the bathroom. 


I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and my hair then put on a comfortable jeans and a blue T-shirt. 


Tyler's alluring snores meets my ears when I walk out of the bathroom. 


Baby must had given him a hard time yesterday night. 


Careful not to make any unnecessary noise as I tip-toe to his bed. 


He looks really cute when asleep, his lips are in a pout and his hair messed up in a bad boy style. 


"Starting to fall for me already." Tyler breaths out catching me off guard. 


"No.... No.. I... I..." His eyes are closed, but his mouth is curved into a smirk. 


"Seriously, I won't blame you, who can resist this this handsome face." He teases as his eyes open to reveal those blue ocean I always find my self lost in. 


"In you dreams." I scowl, ignoring my heart pounding against my ribcage. 


"That's what they all say." He hollers as he stylishly walks to the bathroom. 


"Hye..... Ye.... " I smile at baby who is tugging on the bed spread. 


"Ha.... Hah... Hah..." Tyler screeches from the bathroom. "My face."


Oh did I forgot to mention I admire his face with a marker. 


I couldn't just stop myself from testing my art skills on his master piece of a face. 


He'd really make a beautiful cat with those whiskers and and nose. 


Just in time Tyler burst out of the bathroom smoke puffing out of his ears and nose just like in the movies. 


"It ain't coming off." He seethe. 


What... The.. F***k. 


I quickly grab the marker I drop on the bed. 


"Permanent marker."I read out slowly. 





"Am so going to kill you." Tyler yells before diving for me. 




Every eyes turn to me and Tyler as we walk into the cafeteria, knowing that we both look like the Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland it really isn't their fault. Since Tyler decided to have his revenge by turning me into the monster he is. 


So evil... 


"What happened to you two." Ashley asks as we take a sit at our normal table. 


"Don't ask me." Tyler and I groan in unison. 


"Then who am I going to asks." Ashley murmurs in a scowl. 


My eyes falls on Mia who is stabbing her pancakes with the fork in her hand, she only does that when she's angry. 


"Hey are you alright." I ask not caring if i am the one who is supposed to be asked that, considering the state of my face. 


She opens her mouth then close it before drawing her chair out and walk out of the cafeteria. 


"She's been really moody nowadays." Mason says, he had just arrived with Ethan. While Sky is back at the dorm with baby. 


"I should go talk to her." I excuse myself before bolting after Mia. 


"Hey Mia open the door." I bang at her door. 


"Just go away." Her voice is a little cracked, she's obviously crying. 


"Its either you open the door or am going to call the others." I threaten in a bossy tone. 


There is silence from the other side of the door, then the door creaks open. 


"Come here." I engulf a terrible looking Mia into a hug as she cries silently. 


(Am so sorry guys, am really really sorry, hope you find it in your marvelous, and caring heart to forgive me. I had some probs and was unable to post. I promise to be at my best, so we can get back on track with the book. Love yal.)  




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