Baby on campus

I hate drunk girls

Tyler's pov


I repeatedly punch him until his noise starts to bleed. 


  My blood boil at the thought of his hands on her. 


I had noticed him follow her up the stairs and immediately knew he was up to no good. 


Grabbing him by the collar, I growl into his ear. "Fuck off."


"Are you alright." I turn to Kiera who has a blank look on her face. 


She hesitantly nods before speaking. "Thanks."


"You are welcome, and you owe me one." I joke trying to lighten the tensed atmosphere. 


"I think am getting tipsy." Kiera smiles, shifting from one feet to another. 


"Let's get you out of here." I walk to the door. 


"Aren't you coming." I ask when I notice her still form. 


  She sends me a smile then bounce to me. 


Fuck. I hate drunk girls. 


Judging from my past experience with Sky and Mia I think I have a big reason to. 


"Where are we." Kiera asks as we step into jack's moms garden. 


"In a garden." I reply before heading to a chair sited near the roses. 




"Yes garden, you know we're flowers are planted." I roll my eyes. 


This is what I hate most about drunk girls. 


Dumb questions . 


"I love flowers." Kiera jumps in excitement. 


"Hey don't touch them." I scold as KieraPrandomly pluck flowers. 


Jack's mom is really going to kill me. 




"Stay away." I swat her hand away from my face. 


"Ok just do it." I groan when her lips starts to tremble. 


A smile grace her lips as she hangs a white flower on both of my ears. 


She also pins a rose on her fancy styled hair. 


"How do I look." She claps childishly. 


"Perfecto, we should take some pics." I play along. 


"Pictures, I love pictures." A big grin appears in her face. 


I wonder how she'd behave when she's sober.


"C'mon say drunk..." I urge. 




I take more shots at her then she takes the phone. 


"Let's take you some pictures." She says. "Now say KIERA."


"Kiera...." I chuckle. 


"Urgh" she groans. 




"I am so tired, I want my bed." She states. 


"Then let's get you home." I day then stand up. 

I immediately regretted taking the motor cycle as I hop in and kiera lace her hands around my waist. 


 "Hold on tight okay."


I drive to the dorm in an average speed and we arrived in no time. 


After helping Kiera take off her shoes, and the pins holding her hair, I tuck her in bed. 


"Don't go." She says in a small voice, as u turn to leave. 


"Go to sleep." 


"Stay." She pleas, her mouth in a pout. "Sing me a song."


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