Baby on campus

Meeting his mom.

Kiera's pov. 


"Where are going again." I ask Mia for the, eight thousand, one hundred and sixty five time, today, as Sky helps me fix my hair into something fancy/presentable. 


"Tyler's parent place." Mia groans in frustration. "Remember, its their wedding anniversary, and we are invited."


"Otay." I shut my mouth, not wanting Mia to chew off my head. 


Well, if eyes could kill, i'd say my head is already detached from my body. 


"C'mon Mia, don't be too hard on her, its her first time meeting her In-laws." Sky winks at me and i mentally face palm myself as a blush creeps to my cheeks. 




"You girls better come out now, or am gonna come drag you out myself." Mason threatens from the other side of the door. 


"Its been almost an hour." Tyler adds in a bored tone. 


"C'mon, let's go before they break down the door." Mia suggest, then grabs her sparkling ash purse, which goes with ash, lacy, knee length gown. 


The ride to Tyler's place was uncomfortable, well for me. The others seemed comfortable as they make funny remarks and jokes like they always do. 


The head been Ashley, as he keeps on teasing me about my nervousness. 


Ethan and Mia, seems on a good page now, sometimes i'd catch them sending lovely glances. 


I want a boo too... 


My palms begin to sweat when the limousine opens in front of what could be only described as a mansion. 



 First the limousine and now a mansion. 


Shit these people must be freaky rich. 


I take a look at Tyler who didn't look a bit fazed. 


Wait, its his house, well literally his parents, but still his house. 


"Don't forget to close your mouth." Tyler hollers at me, before taking the lead. 


I glare at his back, hoping my pointed stare could somehow cause him pain. 


"Ashley." A tanned skin lady pulls Ashley for a hug as we step into a well decorated room I can easily tell as the living room. 


"Her aunt Mia." Ashley smiles fully, not minding her iron hold. 


My eyes wanders around the room as she exchanges greetings with the others. 


This place is freaking awesome. 


"And you must be Kiera." She smiles brightly at me. "Am Matha, Tylers mom."


Unlike Tyler she has ebony black long hair, blue eyes and a baby face. 


Am kinda confuse over here. 


"Nice to meet you, aunt Matha." I reply with an equally sweet smile. 


"Oh.... Just call be aunt." She wraps her arms around me. 


Well I do know we are going to get along pretty well. 


(Happy new year, got really busy this days, with stuffs you know. Love yal, ADIOS.) 


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