Baby on campus

What the fuck in hell is going on.

Kiera's pov(continuation.) 


"My sister." He answers my unspoken question. 


"Your sister." I say. 


Well that's new, I never knew Tyler had a sister. 


Tyler pass a sandwich to me then takes one for himself. 


"You have a sister." I ask curiously as I munch on my sandwich. "Its okay if you don't wanna talk about it." I say when I notice the change in his facial expression when I ask the question. 


"Its okay, you'd get to know anyway, beside I already know you are thinking of asking Mia and Sky when you get back." 


"I wasn't."I snort. "Okay I was." I sigh in defeat when he gives me the 'really look.'


"I was four when our parents died, she was eleven." Tyler states his eyes in the lake and I place my hand on his shoulder. 


"We we're put in an orphanage, everyday after school we'd come here to play, then I got adopted by Matha and Drake, that's how we went our separate ways." He takes a sharp breath then continues. 


I found her six months ago, she was lying in her deathbed with a little baby by her side...she was... Very... Sick.. And the doctor..."


"Hey, hey, its okay." I place his head on my shoulder then caress his hair. "She would be really proud of you."


"Am sorry, I ruined the date." Tyler speaks after sometime. 


"Its fine, its actually nice, and there's still time." I give him a small smile. 


He really went through alot, but still stayed strong. 


"So I got these for you." Tyler brings out a bunch of white flowers. 


Hah.... My favourite. 


"Nighty nine flowers for my fair lady." Tyler fakes and accent which actually sound good, well every thing he does always ends up too good. 


"Wait you aren't really going to count them are you." Tyler asks as I pretend to count the flowers. 


"Just to be sure its correct." I joke. "I was just kidding." I laugh at the funny look in his face. 


"You actually got me there." He joins me in laughing. 


There's silence and our face seem to draw closer, our lips were inches apart when my phone starts ringing. 




I awkwardly reach for my phone but it it isn't ringing. 


"Oh funny its not mine." I turn to Tyler who then rakes his pocket for his phone. 


I never knew we had the same ringing tone, until now. 


He sends me a sheepish smile before answering the call. 


"Hey Ashley, what's up."


"What." Tyler face morphs into shock. 


What happened now, can't I have a single day of peace in my life. 


"We will be right there." Tyler shouts into the phone then turns to me. "Sorry, but we have to go now. 


"Go where, what happened." I ask in confusion. 


 "I will explain later, right now we have to go back to camp." Tyler urges. 


We didn't even pack the picnic table before racing to Tyler's car. 


 Tyler hits in the gas as we fly back to the campus. 


Funny it took almost an hour to get to the woods, but less than thirty minutes to get to the campus. 


The guys were waiting for us as we step out of the car, I rich towards Mia who has a drastic look on her face. 


"Mia what the fuck in hell is going on?" I ask desperately. 


(What do you think happened, well I don't know either, I can't wait to find out, love yal. Adios.) 


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