Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 4

Sid's pov:

After hearing the news Sana looked at me as she got shocked. I smirk as I look at her. She stares at me for a few seconds and she too smirks. Soon we both burst in laughter. She comes close to me as I peek at her. We both kiss passionately while I continue driving. We do this every time whenever we find the smell of victory. We break our kiss in a short moment since I'm driving.

She seductively slides her fingers through my cheek. 
"I knew it. You're gonna kill it", she says. "now let him cry for his dear wife"

She laughs again and I join her too. This is the thing I love about her the most. She never judges me, she never prohibits me from doing something even if I'm killing somebody. She supports me, helps me and not the least she trusts me. I forgot to introduce myself I guess.

I'm Sid Matthews. I am the CEO of GJC. I lived with my parents for 5 years of my life. Then my father disappeared suddenly. I was too young to understand the situation. I almost forgot him. My mom worked her ass off to raise both of us. Me and my sister Samantha. I grew up accepting the fact that my father is no more. I was in college when I got Sana. However, when I was in second-year of the college I overheard mom's conversation with Samantha that my father is alive. And I have a stepbrother named Alex. My father had a second wife. And she passed away. My father wanted his lovable son Alex to be loved by a mother. He sent him to live with us. I and Alex has never been able to accept each other. Despite my mom accepted him we both never got along. Mom tried to love him more than me because according to her he had been in a great trauma after losing his mom. And he needed affection. I couldn't digest it and left my own home and got myself admitted to the dorms near my college. Since then I don't prefer spending time with my own family. Things worsen between me and Alex after graduation. We competed for the same job every time. I had nothing of my own. He had my father's property. I needed a fixed job to secure my life. Despite having all the assets of my father Alex couldn't digest my success. He bribed every company which called me for an interview. I suffered from the pain of failure for 1 year. However, Sana was always there to support me. I didn't want my parents to help me who chose Alex over me. It hurt when my biological mother did that. I preferred to live on Sana's income over them.

Situations would have made me starving for days if she was not there for me. She worked in clubs before. But when she had to handle me too she started working as a cheerleader.

But fate was with me at the end when I got selected for the post of A CEO in GJC.  From then I started realizing the importance of money and power. I got obsessed with them. I started making efforts and making money double. I always find a way to get my money double. I'm ready to do whatever it takes to hold my position.

I deceive my clients. I supply low-quality goods and earn triple of the investment. I can do anything for making more money. I mostly spent them on alcohol.

Sana does the same. She helps me in every scam. Sometimes she makes plans for me. And Sana is the one who gave me the idea of abducting Alex's wife.


Sana's pov

There's a big truth of our lives is 'he is my bad boy and I'm his bad girl' 
I too don't like those people who mess with me or Sid. I knew we had one way left to save his position and this company. It's Alex. Only he could save us. But he won't. He used his wife against us and we'll do the same.


After arguing with Sid this morning I was trying my best to find other ways. Suddenly this idea crashed into my mind. I dropped a message on Sid's phone since I was in no mood to talk to him after he said the ''nothing personal" line. He didn't reply to me

[[Flashback ends]]

I didn't know he would take my idea seriously. I'm glad he still trusts me that only I can give him better options.

"So you did it?", I chuckle.
"Yes. You are always on point", he says clasping my hand. I feel my nerves. "I did my job. Now Roshan will handle it. I want to spend the last few hours of my birthday with you"

I keep looking at him. He looks at me with a lovely smile. I love the way he looks at me. It feels good. Neither his touch, his kisses feel so good. But the way he stares me is something I crave for.


Sid's Pov

"What will you make? Pasta or lasagna?", I ask. I had been rude with her from last night. Alex had almost ruined my life. I could only think of something worst. I never want to hurt her with my statements. But she should stop behaving like we are couples. She is important to me. I'm important to her. Isn't it enough?

"Both together", she smiles. "Why don't I merge them both as I make lasagna and put the pasta on the top of it?", she excitedly asks.

"Anything. But it should be made by you", I smile at her. She is very good at cooking. I too know how to cook but I prefer the food made by her.

We reach home and she walks inside the room. She searches for something on the dressing table as I take out her hair clip from the side table. 
"Here you go", I say hand it to her. She smiles and takes it to make a hair bun. "Why don't you keep your stuff well arranged?", I shrug. I want her to be well arranged since I won't be around her all the time. She has many flaws like me. Except for cooking, partying, drinking, supporting me in everything and making me feel good on the bed she can't do anything. Well, that's pretty enough I guess.

She goes to the washroom ignoring my statement I made on her disorganisation. She always does this.

After an hour 
I walk outside my room when a beautiful aroma comes inside the room. I reach the dining table as she comes with dinner. 
"You will get only half", she says as she sits beside me.
"Why?", I ask as I narrow my eyebrows. " Did you...", I mumble looking at her. "Did you cry?"


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