Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 16

Sid's Pov continued

I can completely understand the surprise in her voice. She knows I don't like music and songs and I'm the reason for whom she stopped listening to music on the speaker.

    "It's Bella. She had turned it on", I say waiting for her reaction. Though there's nothing wrong in it, I'm a little anxious about Sana's reaction on me being with Bella. 
   "Bella! What's she doing in your car?", she asks being desperate.
    "I'm gonna drop her at her place. It's late so....", I explain to her.
    "She would've gone by her own, Sid. You're not her driver", she says rudely. I wonder how this girl tolerates my mom's nonsense, while she can't undergo these minor matters.

    "Relax! Richard was trying to hit on her. I didn't want her to be trapped by him. We didn't give up humanity no?", I say, I don't know why I am giving her explanations on that. 
    "Well, that's fine then. I hope you warned her about Richard", she says. No matter how rude she is, she never wants any innocent to be harmed.
    "I did", I say.
    "I've called you to ask what will you have at dinner? Lopa messaged me that Monarch has agreed to work with us again", she chuckles.
     "Our victory dinner", I smile. 
     "Come home asap", she says. I really love it when she says that. You need someone who waits for you, tells you to come soon, it feels like home, it feels like family. That's why I consider her family.

I disconnect the call and look at Bella as I find her sleeping. She has slept while listening to music. I turn the radio off and focus on the road. Thankfully, I have records of my employees on my phone, I search for her address. She had just told me the road name, not exactly where her residence is.

A few minutes later she wakes up because of the jerks. She rubs her eyes to look outside.

    "Stop!", she cries out. I press the break immediately being confused. 
    "What?", I throw a blank look to her.
    "I'll go by myself now", she says in a nervous tone.
    "But your home is few more meters away", I say
    "No problem sir. I'll manage", she mumbles and immediately climbs down. I'm still confused with her behaviour. "Thank you so much", she says, coming near the window and walks faster behind the trees.

I see her vanishing into the darkness. As I roll my eyes, I find the place very known. It's one of the most high profile areas of London. If Bella belongs to some rich family, why would she work for me? However, it's not my business to know everything about her. I drive towards my place.

Sana's Pov

I made our favourite almond cake with thick chocolate drip and arrange the table with a champagne and tequila. It's our party theme for every tiny victory. I can't wait to see his face when I'll give him another good news of Roshan's plea getting accepted. Though I needed to pay a large amount of cash to rescue him, it doesn't really matter when the person is our faithful one.

Doorbell rings. I rush to the door and open it with a wide smile. Sid passes a casual smile to me as he presses his lips with mine. I melt with his touch and kiss him back with all my heart and soul. It was too much busy day for both of us. And finally, we got some relief. He pulls me away breathing heavily. I look at him with a lot of expectation of hearing a line 'I miss you'

    "How's your day?", he asks me ruining my all expectations but I don't mind. It's nothing about missing each other. We stay together, why would we be missing each other. 
    "Hectic", I say as we both make our ways inside. "I have good news for you"

    "What?", he asks curiously.
    "First go and freshen up", I instruct him.

He nods and walks towards the room. My phone rings for the 20th time today. I check the name and keep it away. I'm not in a mood to talk to my dad. He's gonna call me back to him, and if I go to him, my mom will be jealous and she will start the tennis court rule again. Six years ago I was a tennis ball. Now I don't want to be. Though I know I'm still not permanent in Sid's life, I would prefer to be his date for the whole life rather than being a tennis ball and a trophy to my parents. They are so jealous of each other that whenever one of them do something for me, the other has to do double times better thing for me to show who is superior.

Maybe this is the reason for the understanding between me and Sid. We both come from a broken family but we made a family. Though our cases are opposite, we both know how it feels to be ignored by our own parents.

My chain of thoughts breaks as Sid comes and sits beside me. He pours two glasses of tequila and takes a sip.

   "So what's the good news?", he asks.
   "Roshan's plea is accepted", I say with a big smile.
   "Really?", his eyes turn bigger. He leaves the glass and takes me in his arms. I hug him back digging my face into his chest, feeling the warmth of his skin. I try to brush my faces against his chest when he pulls me away. I wanted it to be intense but he just showed how happy he is with this hug. I don't mind.

    "You don't know what you did for me", he smiles as he touches my face. I wish he would caress my cheek and kiss me lovingly, not with desire, but with affection.

    "I did for us, Sid. I know how much important Roshan is to you. And you know how much important you are to me", I say. 
    "Still, you do everything so seamlessly without my knowledge. You are someone to save me all the time", he utters.
    "We both protect each other no? There's no difference. One shouldn't be a burden on the other", I say.

He smiles as he takes out the champagne
    "It's time to celebrate", he beams. I too join him.

Bella's Pov

I'm glued to the new novel I got on the last birthday I recently opened it but read-only 9 pages of it. While laying down on my bed I focus on it. I was so tired the whole day still, my tiresome vanishes whenever I start reading. So basically the female character of this book was trapped in a jungle when she met the male character, he rescues her and then repeatedly saves her for 3 times in a row and they fall in love. I love the way he was always with her though she did nothing for him except for soothing him, supporting him. But that's what girls can do, no? It's a rule of nature. Who can change it? And boys too have a kind of weakness towards simple and naive girls. I spent 4 hours in completing the whole book.


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