Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 19

Bella's Pov

Every time he confuses me with his changing behaviour. I'm still trying to figure out what he is, however, I'm concerned about my behaviour now. Do I look stupid? Did he really mean that?

My chain of thoughts breaks as he calls me during the meeting.
     "Bella", he snaps.
     "Y..yes", I stammer. I always fuck up the situation. Why can't I stop stammering all the time?
     "Explain the weekly procedures", he says as Monarch's eyes catch me. His manager and Secretary also look at me which is making me anxious again. However, I try to be stable.

    "So we have decided to.....", my words stumble. I freeze as I can barely figure out what to say. Sid raises his eyebrows at me as I drive my eyes away. I won't be looking at him if he gets mad at me again. His blood-red eyes can make me more nervous.

    "Come on", he says in a gentle voice. I surprisingly look at him. I could feel a kind of enthusiasm in his voice. Did he really motivate me? Our eyes meet as I feel a calmness in his eyes.

    "It's her first time so....", he explains to the clients.
    "No problem. Sure. Take your time, lady", Monarch says. But I'm still in a shock at his behaviour. 
   "You need more time?", he asks.
   "No, I'm fine. Thanks", I mumble. I open the file which I made describing all the weekly programmes. "So we'll start from the sightseeing....", I proceed. I continue describing the whole thing as I feel his eyes on me the whole time. I can't look at him, it can make me feel nervous again. But two words said by him had affected so drastically.

After the meeting is over, we make our way to the car. I had consulted the official doctor of Monarch and I'm feeling much better now.

    "Thank you for the motivation", I say while fastening my seatbelt.
    "I did that for myself. I didn't want to be embarrassed in front of them", he says in a blank voice.
    "Sorry", I say lowering my voice. It was my mistake, I've always disappointed him.

    "You need to work on your communication skills. You are good at making plans, convincing people on email, but you're worst at vocal communication", he explains and I stare at him being astonished. The way he explains is beyond my imaginations.

    "Don't look at the person, you should picture your plan in your mind. Speak like none is hearing you, only you can hear yourself", he continues.

I lose myself into him, into his word, his way of speaking. Nobody had explained to me something so beautifully as he did. He mesmerises me every time and I drag myself towards him.

I come in sense as his phone rings. 
   "Sano", he beams as he picks up. I forgot that he has a girlfriend. I turn off my mind and look sideways. I should stop thinking about him before I lose control of my feelings.

Sid's Pov

    "Yes. I remember that", I tell her.
    "So are you going there?", she asks me about the dinner invitation of my father.
    "We are going. We need to have a chat with him regarding the shares", I say.
    "Sid, is it necessary to talk about shares at a family dinner?", she asks. I'm not surprised. Because she has a kind of sympathy for my parents. "It doesn't look good"

    "It's about my right over my father's property. Isn't it supposed to be the family matter?", I say in a low tone so that Bella doesn't overhear us.

   "Sid!", she exclaims.
   "Will talk later, Sano", I mutter. "Bye"

I cut the call and focus on the road. Bella is peeping outside from the window as my eyes locate her feet.

   "You ok now?", I ask.
   "Yes, thanks", she says turning to me.

Sana's Pov

I'm talking to Hannah about our visit to Sid's Dad's place. However, she is unaware of the fake marriage and for the whole staff, we are in a relationship. And both statements are wrong. We can explain our relationship to anyone, and they are incapable of understanding it. Nonetheless, I love to be called his girlfriend or wife, it feels good.

     "Oh! Dinner at his father's place?", Hannah teases me. "You know that's a sign that you are special to him", she announces, unaware of the fact that it's just a drama. "It looks so cute when your boyfriend introduces you to his family", Hannah beams.

She is the only girl I get along after Lopa. She always cheers me up and tries to be a good supporter. I smile at her words. Though it's all planned and plotted, I'm still feeling good after hearing out Hannah.

    "But the actual movie was held at the basement", Eva pokes her nose again. And what does she mean by a movie at the basement. 
     "What?", I throw a dirty look.
     "Aww.. Sana. Don't you know? Your boyfriend was lifting his new employee in his arms", she smirks. What the fuck she is uttering? My blood boils as I gaze at her. 
     "Shut the fuck up you moron", I shrug. 
     "It hurts no?", she says in a dramatic voice but I'm feeling like to smash her face right now.
     "Do you think I'll believe your rubbish statements?", I bark at her. "Just get lost"

     "You would believe this?", she says as she plays a video recording on her phone and shows it to me.

My eyes turn bigger as I freeze in disbelief. He had lifted Bella in his arms? But why? What the heck!!! Why? I screamed in my mind. She snatches away her phone.

     "Told you. Girls like you can never keep a guy permanently", she utters, I'm not in a state of saying anything to her. It is hurting like a hell. He had never touched anyone except for me, neither he lifted on.   I lower my eyes trying to control my tears as I clench my fists.

     "Shut up, Eva", Hannah yells. "Come Sana. Don't listen to her nonsense"

Hannah tries to take me with her.
     "No, I'm fine", I drive her away as I look at Eva angrily. "He just lifted her, didn't fuck her, you bitch"


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