Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 45

Sid's POV

"Mr Watson?", I startle, walking towards them. 
"Dad, you're here?", Bella exclaims as she joins me. Mom and Mr Watson pass warm smiles, making us more confused.

"Here they are", mom beams, taking us in a tight embrace which she never did for years! I should be happy but her hug doesn't feel that much affectionate now.

"Dad, you were in Australia, right?", Bella asks him again.
"Yes. I was about to go there. But I had some other plans", he smiles at us. This is freaking me out. What the heck is he doing here after ruining my company? I was not feeling like to talk to him either.

"Have a seat with us", mom makes us sit on the sofa. I and Bella can only look at each other confusingly. I was already feeling awkward when I came with Bella here, now Mr Watson. What makes him come here?

"Drinks?", Sam asks.
"Sure, Sam", mom looks much happy. Well, I don't know the reason. 
"I don't drink", Bella mutters.

"That's great", she touches Bella's chin. "You're so sweet, Bella. I'm loving you"

And what about the girl who cleaned all the shit of your son's life for fucking 7 years when you were not even bothered? I wanted to scream that on her face. But to be honest, Bella wasn't at fault too. If her qualities make her likeable, it's completely up to people. I'm one of those people, I scoff.

"You didn't tell us, Mr Watson. What brings you here?", I ask him again, leaning back to the couch.

"I think you're pissed at me after the cancellation of our new project", he raises his eyebrows.

"Shouldn't I? I'm a businessman Mr Watson. And you may know how it feels", I say in a husky voice, glaring at him. I can see Bella's face turning pale in nervousness.

"I know that", he grins. Meanwhile, Samantha brings a bottle of white wine and places before us.

"Let's have a toast", mom chuckles. I wanted to ask her the reason for her happiness. I accompanied them, taking just one drink. I was trying to avoid it since the day Sana left. As it had high chances for me to end up drinking the whole bottle.

"Just one?", mom exclaims.

"I'm done, mom. Trying to avoid it", I grumble.
"What?", she looks at me shockingly. "You're trying to avoid drinks?"

I wanted to say yes, mom. Because I don't wanna be a drunkard when Sana is not around. No one can fucking handle me when I'm drunk. Moreover, I knew I would forget everything once I had more than a drink.

"Yes", I just reply this to her.

"See, that's why people say we need a good company to be a better person", she smiles at Bella. I'm hating her double meaning words. Why the heck is she taunting Sana even though she is not in my life now? I didn't want to insult my own mother in front of Mr Watson. So, I kept quiet.

"So, now I think I should spill the beans that why I came here. I wanted to have a chat with you, Mr Matthews if you agree; regarding the project", Mr Watson says.

"What's left to discuss now? You've cancelled it", I shrug.
"I had to show you some clauses which I didn't like. Will you please?", Mr Watson requests.

"You guys can talk", mom says. "I'll show our tiny house to Bella. Let's go, Sweetie. Take a look at our residence"

Bella half-smiles and walks inside with mom and Sam.

"So, Mr Watson, what is the clause?", I ask.

"Another drink?", he offers.

"No, I wanna discuss it in my sense", I scoff.

"I thought you can handle more. Anyway, I never thought I would be here at your place"

"Neither I thought of it, Mr Watson. I had never imagined you would do something like that"

"Even I didn't imagine it. But somewhere you forced me to do so", he raises his eyebrows as I look at him surprisingly.

"What have I done?", I mumble.

"That doesn't make a sense now. But things can be repaired if you want", he says.


"You have only 7 days to save your company, right?", he looks at the ceiling. I could guess what was coming for me. But I prayed to happen the opposite.

"And your father Mr Mathews Nectar is going to bestow all his remaining property to Alex Matthews and his wife Olivia Matthews next week. Do you know that?"

Fuck! What the fuck is that? When did this happen?

"What rubbish! That's not true. My father can be a jerk but he'll never do this biggest unjust to me", I roar at him, leaving the couch.

"You don't know anything Sid", he grins, putting down his drink. "Your mom told me everything. She wasn't telling you all this because she knew you would never be ready to get married. So that doesn't make any sense. Your father will never give you a single penny until you're married"

Mom! Am I even your son? I wanted to ask her that. I am losing the rest of my world now. My company! My rights! Everything. I can only see darkness before my eyes. My head started pounding severely. I grab my head with my both hands and smash my ass on the couch, clutching my hairs.

"Everything can be solved, young man", Mr Watson holds my shoulder as I immediately look at him. That one statement again starts building hope inside me.

"How? Is that even possible?", I ask him.

"It's possible if you...."

"If I..? Tell me, Mr Watson. What will I have to do?", I shrug.

"If you marry my daughter", his voice booms into my ears. I can't believe what he just said.

"What?", I stand up again, looking at him shockingly.

"You heard right, Sid", he grabs my shoulder. "Bella loves you. And I'm sure you won't get a better girl than her"

I shook my head in disbelief and shove his hand away.

"Are you serious, Mr Watson?

"I'm hell serious. I'll be back to your project if you are willing to do this. I'll help you to clear all the debts. Your father can easily give you the shares if you're officially married. All of your dreams can be fulfilled. What else a person needs?", he explains.


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