Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 46

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Sana's POV

     "So, what brings you here, Sana?", Felen asks me, gobbling a whole glass of vodka.  He is sitting in front of me on a massive couch.

    "Didn't Micky inform you?", I mutter, showing least interest.
    "He did. But I wanted to hear that from you", he grins. 
    "I wanna join again", I say. Though I wanted to spit my words on his face, I wasn't feeling like to jump in a conflict when my state of mind is ruined very badly.

    "I see! Your fucking boyfriend dumped you?", he laughs out. I clench my fists to punch on his face but somehow I controlled myself.

    "That's none of your business. You're not my boss. Behave yourself otherwise, it'll be forced to meet the owner", I shrug.

    "Relax! Don't be so hyper, girl", he pours another drink. "But it's our business. How can I forget the day when he created a scene here to take you away. You guys had ruined the whole party. Bloody fuckers! Now he might have dumped you and kicked you out of his company. Right?", he laughs again. This time he couldn't do it long. He falls numb as I punch him hard against his jaw.

    "You moron!", I yell, grabbing his collar. "Did you forget who I am? Just keep your fucking mouth shut or else get ready to watch me, whacking your ass off"

He freezes, touching his jaw. I wonder if he even heard what I said as his ears could've been numb with that punch.

    "Sana!", Mickey exclaims from behind as I leave Felen's collar. He puts his pinky finger inside his ear to stable his listening system.

    "Mickey, where the heck was you?", I blurt out, turning to him.

    "Crap! What a welcome!", he rolls his eyes, looking at Felen who was still trying to stable his ear.

    "He was uttering shit again. Must've forgotten me", I shrug.

    "Anyway", he laughs. "I've talked to the owner. You can join today and use your favourite spot", he points at the music system next to me. After a long time, I smile genuinely, looking at the place.

    "Your shift will start from 6 pm. We can have a coffee till then"


We walk outside the club.

Sid's POV

Mr Watson announces the new of marriage again when Bella, mom and Sam returned. I prefer to keep quiet as I'm in no mood to argue with them. Bella seems to be happy and nervous at the same time as I didn't assure her about anything.

    "Bella, I'm asking you again. Are you ready to get married?", Mr Watson asks her as she looks at me.

    "I'm not sure yet", she says.
    "What is there to be sure about? Don't you love my son?", mom beams.
     "I...I do", she stammers, looking at me. "But I can't say anything about marriage now. Please give me some time"

    "Sure. Take as much time as you can, Bella", Mr Watson says. "I just want you to be happy"

He doesn't know what he is doing. How can he take such an immature decision? Nevertheless, I'm not gonna agree to this shit. Marriage sucks!

    "Ok then", Mr Watson leaves the couch. "Gotta go. I hope we'll be meeting soon with a final decision. Bella, are you coming with me?"

She looks at me. Maybe she wants to talk about it. However, I don't wanna talk about this shit now. I signal her to go with her dad and she nods.

    "Keep visiting us", mom hugs her.
    "Sure", Bella half-smiles.

Sana's POV

A music system, a headphone, loud music, bunch of people around me; better than before. I guess I will easily get used to it again like before.

I put on my headphones and play the most trending song on the years, closing my eyes, throwing my hands in the air. Some people don't understand why few depressed people move towards clubs. When loud music takes you over and a bunch of people surround you completely, there's no chance to look back, think about your past, people who mean nothing to you know.

I don't remember how many hours passed when I opened the cabinet near me to take a can of cola. I avoid going near to the drink counter as it'll hook me hard. I took a can and I was about to shut it while my eyes froze at something. I don't know what possesses me as I put my hand inside the cabinet and find an old photograph covered with dust. Currently, my ears become numb, being unable to hear anything, neither the loud music.

I dust off the silt from it and keep staring at, without blinking my eyes. I clicked this photograph with Sid when I got my first salary. We went on a small date and ate the most expensive ice cream. He used to love it but couldn't afford it. I was so happy that day since I could fulfil one of his wishes. My smile vanishes when I remember the state of our relationship now. My heart aches thinking about him. After that night, I didn't feel like to call him, neither he called me.

I don't know how close they are. Did he ask her to say with him? Are they staying together? Is she sleeping with him on our bed? Fuck Sana! You're a fucking bitch! I scold myself for thinking about all this again. However, I can't help it.

I dump the cola into the bin and vastly walk towards the counter.

Sid's POV

I didn't return home after that incident. I parked my car near the highway and rested my head against the driving seat. I can't, I yell into my mind. I can't do that.

While closing my eyes, I can only remind Sana's face. It's been a fucking week I talked to her. This useless project gave me nothing. I take my phone out and dial her number. I don't care whether she blocks my number or not. I can't bear it anymore. I want to hear her voice right now.


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