Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 50

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Sid's Pov

I didn't know why I continued overhearing them. However, the fact of my mom not being my mom had torn me terribly. I could barely stand there. My legs got numb. I couldn't take a step back.  Thus I could hear the whole conversation.

"Shut up Matt", she shrugs. "Don't use that word again. What if someone hears us"

"Let them hear. I've tolerated your nonsense and greed only for the sake of my sons. I wanted to focus on my business. That's why I left my sons to you. But you cooked up a fake story before them. I considered you be their mother. But then you started all the shit? You told them that they are stepbrothers?", dad screams.

I had to survive with more truths, I guess. Alex is not my stepbrother.

"What was your motive behind that? You made them hate each other. You deliberately showed fake love towards Alex. You made Sid hate his own brother. You washed Alex's brain against Sid. And now you're asking for your fucking share?"

"Yes, I did all that", she screams back. "Because you were dumb, Matt. I thought if I take care of your sons well, you'll marry me. I'll become your wife. But you were so blind in love with your dead wife", my fake mother finally spills the beans.

My mother is dead. Ok! Now I can't breathe anymore.

"So your motive was to get married to me? You wanted my property, right?", dad shrugs.

"Yes! I wanted your property", she admits. "You would throw me away after Sid and Alex grew up. I didn't want that. I wanted them to fight over your property and I can easily manipulate both of them to snatch everything they will have"

I can't hear more. I walk away from there. The news of my mother being dead and Alex being my own brother had broken me into pieces. Moreover, our dad left both of us to a nanny for years because we were a distraction in his bloody business.

I walk downstairs while the guests keep congratulating me. However, I forget that it's my engagement ceremony. Meanwhile, Bella holds my arm to pose before the camera.

"You didn't change?", she asks.

"No. I'm good in it", I mumble.

I can't smile looking at the camera. Right then my phone rings. It's an unknown number. I move to the corner and answer the call.

"Who's this?", I ask.

"Sid", a familiar male voice hits my ear.

"Menon", I immediately recognise his voice. "What happened? You are sounding tensed"

"Sana. Do you know where she is? Did she come to you?", he panics.

"What?", I exclaim. "What do you mean by where she is? Don't you know?"

"She went out this morning. She was very depressed after seeing the news of your engagement", he blurts out. I don't know how to react. She was depressed because of my engagement? But why?

"She hasn't come home yet. I went to her club. She isn't there too", he cries out.

"Listen, Menon. You should call Edward, her boyfriend. He must know where she is", I tell him.

"What?", he yells as if I blurted out something wrong. "Boyfriend? Have you lost it, Sid? She has no boyfriend"

I can't get more shocked. Did she lie to me? I was feeling the same when she told me she was seeing someone.

"But she said", I mumble.

"She can never have a boyfriend when she is crazy after you"

I can't utter anything. My head starts pounding, thinking about her.

"You don't worry. I'll go and check her. I'll find her out", I immediately cut the call and rush towards the door when Watson catches me.

"Hey, Sid. Why are you in a hurry? It's your engagement", he beams, grabbing my shoulder.

"I have some important work. I'll be back", I heavily breathe.

"All your work is under my observations, Sid", he mutters. "It's time to exchange the rings"

Everyone claps with the announcement, gathering in the centre of the hall room. I discover Lydia and dad coming towards us. But I'm not giving a fuck to their so-called truths now. Lydia never loved me, I can digest that. My father didn't love me, I'm okay with that too. But I'm losing that girl who loves me more than anything in the world. Yes! She loves me. I know she loves me madly. And I was dumb to understand her unsaid feelings.

Sam gives us rings to exchange. But I'm dying to meet Sana. I want to go to her. I wonder how she is. I unwillingly take the ring as Bella smiles at me. I look around when my eyes stuck on someone.


I can spot her among the crowd. Her swollen eyes prowl around my face. I can sense the excessive pain she is going through. Tears roll down throw her red cheeks as she turns around to go. She is drunk tonight also.

I don't look around and rush after her. I can hear everyone calling my name. But I don't give a damn to them. I just know if she walks away today I'll lose her forever.

I run faster, stepping outside to reach her. She can't run more as she isn't stable. Her steps tremble and she is about to fall when I catch her.

"Sano", I blurt out, holding her tightly in my arms.

"Leave me", she cries out. "Just leave. Stop following me, Sid", she screams as she pushes me against the bar behind.

"Sano", I mumble.

"Don't you dare!! Don't you dare call me by this fucking name", she raises her voice. Her eyes filled with both tears and anger. I look at her with his helpless eyes.

"I'm tired of cleaning all shit of your life. And that's what you want Sid. You used me. You fucking used me", she says in a broken voice. Her words choke.
"I didn't...", I scream desperately. "I have never Sano. I've never used you", my voice is broken too.

"Your Bella is waiting for you", she looks at me with her blood boiled eyes. I can see the pain in her eyes while telling me that.
"Sid", A soft girly voice echoes as I turn. I see Bella smiling at me.


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