Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 52

Sid's POV

"What did you say?", she exclaims.
"A spirit of girlfriend possessed you?", I roll my eyes as she immediately kisses me again. I pin her against the wall, strolling my lips down to her neck.

Sana's POV

When he uttered the word 'girlfriend' it felt like a magic to me. I'm still afraid that it's my dream. I can't even measure my happiness. He finally got back to me, this time forever. I don't know what will happen in the future but I'll never let him leave me now. I fucking won't let him. He must know that he is only mine now and from onwards I will not tolerate any shit. The moment he said he is giving me a commitment, he is bound to me. He can't justify every shit he will do from now. And I won't leave everything like before.

He reaches down and extracts me as I moan aloud. I can't describe in words how much I missed this, how much I missed his touch on my body, how much I missed his lips strolling all over me. But I had my insecurities and it increases more now. I hold his neck and make him get up. We look into each other's eyes as I pull him close to me.

"You didn't sleep with Bella, no?", I ask him with fear, shivering inside me.

"Do you think I did?", he asks me in an intense voice. My heart wants to believe that he can never be close to anyone else the way he is with me. However, whatever had happened in the last 2 months, I'm losing trust in my fate. What if he did.. I lower my head to search for the answer.

"Come on, Sana. Tell me. Do you think I can do this?", his voice shakes.

"The question is for you, Sid. Please answer", I look into his eyes.

"If I say I did, will you leave me?", he questions. I don't know why he is charging me. Why can't he answer directly?

"Maybe, I won't. Because I love you. But..."

"But what?", he hurriedly asks.

"But I won't have that feeling while making love to you. It will feel like I'm just an exchange", I tell him the truth. No matter how much I love him, my feelings won't be the same for him if I get to know he had given that most important thing to another girl which only belongs to me.

"I didn't...", he mutters, cupping my face. "I can be a jerk but I can't be fucking girls around whom I don't even love. It's not my thing. You know that. The way I feel for you, I never felt for anyone baby. My heart, my soul, my body, everything belongs to you", he kisses on my forehead and a blissful smile appears on my face.

A forehead kiss from him is always so precious to me.

"I'm sorry for the question", I mutter, sliding my hand down to his torso.

"I made you do that. It was my fault. And now it's my responsibility to bring back your trust in me. I'll do that", he smiles.

I smile at him and we kiss again. The thirst of 10 days for each other isn't quenching. I wanted more of him. He wanted more of me. I wonder how I survived without him for damn 10 days. It was impossible but I did it. I don't regret staying away from him. I needed to know my worth without him, I needed to try to survive without him and I fucking did it. However, I used to lose my sense sometimes. At least I didn't harm myself which I thought I would be doing. Maybe, I would've moved on too if he didn't come back to me.

Sid's POV

After taking the shower I take her to the dining room.

"I could've made it", she says, taking the chair.

"I know I'm not a good cook like you", I chuckle while serving her.

"Was that a compliment or a taunt?", she raises her eyebrows. I don't reply and just smile at her.

While we are eating the doorbell rings.

"Who's this in this hour?", I shrug, some fucking person is ruining our tiny breakfast date. I thought we would be talking a lot after a long time. I wanted to spend maximum time with her. I wanted to know how she felt without me for the last 10 days.

I walk towards the door and open it. My voice stuck in my throat as I discover the bank manager and advocate in front of me. I was ready for this of course but I didn't tell Sana anything about it yet.

They didn't give me a minute and enter inside.

"Excuse me!", I heard Sana yelling from the table as I rush towards them.

"Mr Sid Matthews the time is up. Did you manage to arrange the amount?", the bank manager says in a husky tone.

"No", I mumble. Sana keeps looking at me with her tensed eyes.

"We knew it. We are here to let you know that your company is officially taken over by Alex Matthews", he announces. I don't know why I didn't feel bad at all at Alex's victory. Maybe, the blood spoke out. "Here are the legal documents"

I hold and look at them with my numb eyes.

"Sid", Sana grabs my shoulder. "Let me talk. We can have more time. Ok?", she touches my cheek to soothe me.

"No", I grumble and fold the paper. "I had enough time. And I couldn't make it", I sigh.

"Yes, we gave you enough chances", the advocate spits.

"Sid! What the heck you are saying!", Sana grabs my arm. "How can you leave all this so easily?"

"I don't know", that's all I could say.

In the meantime, I hear the footsteps of someone and look at the door. Mr Watson is standing in front of me, looking at us with his blood-red eyes. He walks towards us and stands in front of me.

"What did you think, Sid? You'll break my daughter's heart and I'll let you live easily? I told you if you marry her, I'll give you whatever you want. But do you remember what I told you next? If you don't do that, I'll snatch everything you have", he laughs aloud and I gaze at him.

"Unfortunately", I shout, looking at him. "Unfortunately I have my everything now, Mr Watson", I tell him as he confusingly looks at me.

"I think you have gone crazy after losing all", he smirks.

"No. I was crazy until yesterday, Mr Watson. Not now. I don't give a fuck to money, I don't give a fuck to power", I gaze at him and show them the exit door.


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