Bar Mon’tblank —the power of an opportunity—

And the expected time, finally arrived!

There was no moment that Sara appreciated more than when she could take a good shower, wash her hair, remember the pleasant sensation of fresh skin, and breathe the exquisite aroma of clean clothes. All that made her feel like a true human being again.

As God commands!

Finally, she could relax and rest in that room, but those long-awaited minutes of infinite pleasure soon ended. She began to feel a strange mixture of emotion and nerves about her new job, failing or doing it wrong was not an option, she should impress the public, especially her boss for him to let her stay.

“Carlos, but this girl. What role will she have? What will be your place in the bar?” Renata asked, completely skeptical because her boss never hired staff in such an unexpected way, she didn’t even know he was a charge vacant.

“She is our new and uninhibited exotic dancer,” he replied sarcastically. At that moment his cell phone rang and he retired to his office while answered the call.

“Exotic dancer? But we don’t have any dance shows tonight … And less exotic!” Renata was left with more uncertainty after her boss’s response, because of the interruption caused by the call, she did not understand it was a joke, but obeying his orders and although very suspicious of what was happening, she handed over to the young girl her work clothes, helped her makeup and prepare for her first night. Sara was very surprised by the great change since she had never used makeup, nor had her hair been smoothed in such a perfect way, or in any way.

Come on, hardly if she used her fingers to untangle and groom!

And, on the other hand, how small was the clothes she was wearing. If she was afraid before, now she was terrified! Oh my God! How could I go out to the public with those miniatures? Would it make any sense to take it off? There would be no surprise anyway.

She began to breathe quickly and her hands to sweat-cold realized that Carlos was right and this was no place for her. What would Mama Rosa say if she saw me dressed like this? She that worked so hard to give me the education that my parents didn’t give me never.

She shook the head, trying to scare her unstable thoughts and, as was her custom, held the breath, visualized her goal, and what would get in return if did well, but this time, her concentration was not enough to get rid of so much nervousness.

Carlos who would never leave the night show of his business in the hands of a rookie, was in his office thinking of locating her as a waitress. He wanted to give Sara a few days of work, given the intensity of her insistence and stubbornness.

He had never met a person who fought so vehemently to wash the bathrooms or clean the floors of other people, which spoke a lot about the young woman’s needs. He just hoped he wasn’t wrong with her, too many personal rules he had already broken, just to help a complete stranger.

The bar workers were ready to start the work at 6 pm, as timely as always. Carlos left his office, as every day, to give instructions to the staff and ensure that everything went well, he would also take the opportunity to tell Sara her duties, when looking for her, he found the surprise that Renata had already prepared her.

He was surprised to see that the ragged young girl turned out to be quite a Pandora's box, to whom sequins and bright colors combined wonderfully, contrasting with her brown eyes, the tan of her skin, and her long brown hair. She had a rare beauty, of those that are not around the corner. Sara had managed to get all the attention of Carlos, who still did not assimilate, how was it possible to achieve such a change in such a simple way?


He spoke loudly using his usual sarcasm. Sara, who had not seen him arrive, when she heard him, forgot her meditation and jumped the impression, but quickly recovered and tried to maintain control, then responded:

“Everything is perfect, as you can see … I’m ready!”

It was too late, Carlos had already noticed her reaction and could see the fear in her eyes, she was not ready for any show and he simply had fun intimidating her, he thought that, under pressure, at some point, she would decide to leave by herself, but while that was happening, he dedicated to entertaining herself, although again he began to feel remorse.

Deep down, he thought that the determination of that girl deserved a chance.

He ordered Renata to deliver a new uniform, she obeyed even more confused, it was not usual for Carlos to change his mind or to hire inexperienced staff. It was not a brothel, the Bar Mon’tblank was positioned as one of the best and most elegant nightclubs in the city, frequented by influential people from high society, for whom luxury, sophistication, and quality were everything.

Back in the dressing room, Sara realized that this time, her uniform was baggier and covered her much better, but at the same time, compared to the previous one, she had so little shine and glamor that it scared her, she felt that she had degraded on her first day of work. Even so, it was a fact that she would take care of every detail and do her job as well as possible.

As he had already decided, Carlos assigned her with the customer service staff. Sara would have to learn customer service in record time or she would leave.


Edited: 19.11.2020

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