Bar Mon’tblank —the power of an opportunity—

A past ... Dead and buried? (III)

He began to feel bad, so much so that, without realizing it, a couple of tears appeared and ran down his cheeks, this time he did not try to hide them, after a long time, he allowed himself to be weak. So much uncertainty hurt him … it really did.




When he returned to the Mon'tblank, it was very obvious that everyone was intrigued, even more, when they did not see Sara return with him, the comments and gossip increased, which he completely ignored. Jean Pierre, who had been worried and nervous about what had happened, when he saw Carlos's hurt look and his red eyes, knew that everything was wrong, for a moment he wanted to ask him but quickly realized that it was not the time. He would be more helpful to his godson by giving him some privacy and tending things at the bar.

Carlos simply went to his office and poured himself a shot of whiskey, still thinking and rethinking the anonymous call.

‘I trust you, but … have you thought about the possibility that you are making a big mistake?’ He remembered those words from Sara and realized that, somehow, she always wanted to warn him, he was an idiot who didn't know how to understand her.

For a moment I thought that someone like me could achieve happiness … but I already understood that I am not good at dreaming either.’ He smiled wryly. Apparently, he hadn't been the only idiot in this story to get carried away.

Finally, the bar closed and everyone went home, except Carlos, who amid a whirlwind of emotions could not sleep, not even a little, for the rest of the night. And so, the minutes passed, he between ramblings and reproaches. Sara between tears and fears.




At dawn, he went home, took a good shower, and immediately returned to the police station. He had to wait for the commander's arrival to be able to speak to him and make decisions, so he preferred not to meet Sara. Even so, she knew he was there since he made sure to send her clothes, so she could change her work uniform, and breakfast food.

As his lawyer, he finally had full access to the young woman's file. As Ramirez had told him, at first glance, there was no mistake, all the charges were described and supported with dates, places, names. Apparently, the information in that folder matched everything … everything except his intuition.

“Ramirez, how many years have you been working on this?”

“More than you can imagine.”

“So, does the detailed information here seem logical to you?” He asked pointing to the file.

“As an officer, I must abide by the procedure and respect the orders. As a civilian, knowing your way of working and in what I have been able to observe your client, it seems to me that some things do not coincide.”

“I thought so.” Ramirez had just given Carlos a little hope. “Okay, now I need to talk to Sara and know her version of all this.”

When he finally decided to visit and confront Sara, he found her sitting in a corner on the small bed she occupied in her cell. Apparently, keeping her arms around her legs had become her preferred position, giving the impression that she was protecting herself. She had changed the uniform she was wearing when she was arrested for the clothes, he had brought her, but she had barely touched breakfast, at best just a few bites. They both looked at each other in silence, while the police opened the door to allow him to pass. There were no greetings, no hugs … much less kisses, not even during the first days, since they met, there had been so much coldness and distance between them.

“I don't want you to get sick, you have to eat.” He said as a way to break the thick layer of ice that had formed in the environment, but she just kept looking at him without answering, her red eyes no longer came tears and her attitude was that of a resigned person. “You'll get out of here; I won't leave you alone in this.”

“Yeah, I guess I'll be out in a few months … many months.” Now it was Sara who responded with irony, although more than irony, what stood out in her words was resignation, confirming the perception that Carlos had when he arrived.

“There is a lot to talk about, so I need you focused and please … no more half-truths, there is no reason for you to hide anything from me. All you have to say is now or never! Needless to say, your freedom depends on your sincerity.” He spoke abruptly, ignoring Sara's comment. “Last night, when Ramirez informed me, I didn't want to believe it, I thought it was a mistake, but I just received your complete file sent from the Pueblo Soreno police station.”

Hearing that last sentence, Sara couldn't help worrying, and almost by reflex, she wanted to get up from her seat, but the voice of an angry Carlos stopped her.

“Sara was enough!!” He took the folder and started reading as he went from corner to corner the entire cell. “Your file mentions: Theft, an illicit bearing of arms, extortion, drug possession, attack on an officer, and evasion.”

The chestnut's reaction to hearing each of the charges was very real and decisive. Carlos had the impression that she did not even know of the existence of some of them, each mention was like a dagger in her chest. Her breathing became heavy as she listened and sometimes she denied with light, almost imperceptible movements of her head, trying not to cry, although her effort was in vain, the crying was more powerful than her so she only closed her eyes, and she lowered her face, preventing him from seeing her, but it was inevitable that tears began to flood her face quickly.


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