Bar Mon’tblank —the Power of an Opportunity—

A past ... Dead and buried? (IV)

“Don't let them return her, she had trouble with the sheriff. That man is a truly despicable being. I don't understand how he's still in charge! No one knows exactly what happened, we were only informed of the robbery and that she escaped after seriously injuring that nasty man, but nothing else. I can't say for sure, but there are many comments about corruption and many wrong things. That man should never know where Sara is!”

“It may be a little late, it is very likely that he is already aware of her arrest, but I promise that I will do my best to avoid her transfer. Do you think that the director of the orphanage can attend me tomorrow?”

Carlos asked, handing her a card with his information and phone.

“I will talk to her, surely there will be no problems, here Sara was always very dear and appreciated. Please, tell my daughter that I send her a big hug, that I pray for her every day, I am sure that the truth will come out and that soon she will be free. I hope that we can meet again, she does not know how much I would like to see her and accompany her right now, it's just that there are a couple of little ones and three young people who depend on me in this place.”

“Of course, I will gladly give her your message.” He answered and said goodbye to continue his tour, but not before asking Mama Rosa for a number to contact her, he knew that this call would greatly delight a certain ‘Parlanchina client’, who lately was behaving more difficult than usual. He smiled.




Carlos could not stop visiting the police station, although it was his first objective, he was very grateful for having found the supermarket and the orphanage before. Thanks to the conversations with these people, now he had a clearer idea of what was happening, because otherwise, quite possibly would have done something stupid.

He could not make himself known as Sara's lawyer, he needed a facade, so without wasting time he called Ethan, one of the few in the world that Carlos could call a friend, they had known each other since childhood and went to the same university. Ethan was a journalist and editor-in-chief of a major national newspaper.

While he worked fully as a criminal lawyer, on a case-by-case basis, they used to help each other, Ethan obtained first-hand news for his articles, and Carlos obtained the necessary credentials to be able to enter certain places in search of evidence. Yes, the blue-eyed, like everyone else, also experienced that stage of adrenaline and self-confidence, typical of youth for which ‘anything is possible’, ‘nothing bad will happen’ and ‘the sky is the limit’. Of course, all before fully immersing himself in his rigorous world of skepticism, isolation, control, and bitterness. A world from which, little by little, Sara managed to rescue him.

As before, his friend helped him with what he needed, only that it took longer than Carlos would have liked. But, thanks to the endorsement and credentials sent by Ethan, he was going to be able to report to the police station on Monday afternoon.

For the rest of his Sunday, he devoted himself to looking for accommodation, since he would have to spend the night there, locate a discreet place where he could feed without attracting the attention of the locals, it was better to go unnoticed or at least try.

He made a list of the evidence or information he obtained and the one he still needed to collect for the audience, making appropriate visits before going to the police station. Last but not least, he called on those who could help him speed up the process in Schlumlate City, something very difficult but not impossible, to prevent Sara from being brought back to Pueblo Soreno.

He also kept in touch with Ramirez to make sure she was okay.




At dawn, Carlos was more than ready, it wasn't as if he had slept … the memories, the doubts, the discussions with Sara occupied his mind enough to avoid any possibility of sleep all night.

That morning, after completing the meetings he had scheduled and obtaining the documents he needed, Carlos prepared to go to the police station as soon as lunchtime ended.

He introduced himself as Charles Feraud (his father's name and his mother's last name). A journalist who documents himself to write his next article, interested in learning about prison conditions in search of more humane and dignified treatment for people deprived of liberty.

A topic in itself, quite controversial and Carlos was sure that he would have a big headache at the end of this ‘interview’ but, according to Ethan's instructions, he should be as controversial as possible, if he wanted to be had keep in mind, by the commissioner or any other officer. Since, although the problem was a direct blow to the stomach for them, even so, they would receive it, that is to say, they were forced to show ‘their best face’ to avoid ‘at all costs’ having bad publicity that could put them in the crosshairs of an audit by any state agency.

Upon arrival, if it had not been for the correct identification on the front of the property, he would never have believed that he was in a police station since in addition to having the same traditional character that he appreciated everywhere in that town, this place didn't have the typical fences, which as required by security regulations, limited to almost every police station in the state … or maybe they weren't necessary for those little towns where the crime rate used to be so much lower. He finally thought.


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