Bar Mon’tblank —the power of an opportunity—

A painful truth or a white lie? (I)

Sara was in the middle of her last week of community work, abide by all the rules, and although she lived convinced that when she obtained her total freedom, she should leave and forget about Carlos, she recognized that between thinking about it and doing it there was a great gulf of difficulty. On several occasions, Carlos approached and tried to resume the conversation from that night, but she made it clear that her decision was already made and flatly rejected any exchange between them, now it was Sara who raised the emotional barrier, but higher and impenetrable than ever.

Although at first glance the blue-eyed seemed serene, the truth was that with the passing of the days he had begun to despair and although it was the last week of the service, Sara still had to wait a few more days, until she formally obtained her complete freedom, so he had decided to take advantage of every minute to recover the love of his life. He was not going to give up, he had never done it and he was not going to start doing it now.




Since Carlos facilitated contact between them, it was common for Mama Rosa to call Sara's cell phone in the afternoon, when she had already left the school where she was serving her sentence. Many times, she got the call while she was still in the vehicle on the way home, so while driving and unintentionally, Carlos became a kind of passive listener to several of those conversations.

A situation that was very convenient, given the little closeness that the chestnut and he had during, practically, all the last month. Sometimes, paying attention to those calls was the only way Carlos had to find out what had happened during her workday but, at the same time, it was annoying when Sara did not feel free to express herself and began to speak in sentences biased or typical monosyllables: yes, no, uh-huh and ok.




After Sara's statement, the cases of Alex and the other young man involved in the failed robbery were audited. Since they did not file any other additional charges in their respective files, it was easier to process them, which resulted in the acquittal of the two young men.

Sara was very happy to hear the verdict, but her happiness was short-lived because, since Alex regained his freedom, no one had heard from him, it was as if the earth had swallowed him and that became the reason main why she wanted to return to Pueblo Soreno, the reason that kept Carlos nervous, who knew that if she continued without news, the chestnut would leave, nothing would prevent her from looking for him.

In the last days, Sara had given herself the task of searching for information about her brother Alex and, just like every time she thought about him, she ended up lost in thought for long minutes, during which it was evident how much she missed him and suffered for his absence.

And it was that she could not stop blaming herself. Every day she reproached herself for leaving him alone when she escaped from that police station, blamed herself every day for not having done anything for him, for not being quicker to get tips at work, for not having found the way to send him the money she had saved … using that money to hire a good lawyer … “Hell!”

For Sara, everything was cause for reproach.

“Mommy, do you have news?”

“Not my girl, I asked everyone, but nobody knows anything.”

Carlos noted that there was no information, every time Sara was silent with her gaze lost and full of sadness. Sometimes she would just say goodbye and end the conversation, while her voice cracked in such a way that she could no longer speak.

“I understand mommy.”

“Child, you do not have to feel guilty, understand that you were not in a position to help him, less when you also needed help.”

“He always took care of me.”

“I understand what you're saying ... but at the time, you couldn't even take care of yourself, although it sounds a little cruel, it's the sad reality.”

“Please, anything you know—”

Again, her voice began to falter and Carlos hated to see her suffer in this way, especially when she wouldn't allow him to approach or comfort her.

“Don't cry, my girl. Alex knows that you would never leave him for pure pleasure, he knows that you were forced to flee from that corrupt commissioner. Child, I will be alert and any information, I will let you know immediately.”

“Thanks, mommy.”




She was desperate because she was very far away, she was determined to return to Pueblo Soreno and look for him herself, she hoped that some common acquaintances could give her some clue as to her brother's whereabouts. She thought that if Alex found out about her return to town, he would do his best to get close to her.

Carlos hated to see her like this, so sad and depressed, he feared that she would lose her patience and decide to abandon everything to go looking for him, he could not allow it, since her freedom was at stake and any false step could cause her return behind bars. So, he started looking for information from Alex without Sara knowing it, he had already asked the officer Ramirez for help, to find him or at least know something about him.


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