Beautiful Tragedy

2.The Investigation

The police started interrogating neighbors, checked all the CCTVs recording, obtained the black box recording from the cars that were parked nearby at that time but surprisingly they didn't get any leads. Every crime is associated with a motive but in this case, that very first lead was missing so they also didn't know from where they should start to get the result.

--------Somewhere inside the city---------

Inside a shabby house of 12'X10,' a person is standing there facing the wall his face was not clear due to darkness he is wearing a very wicked smile on his face and the opposite side of the wall there is a table filled with some framed photos if one look closes the frames were associated with a bottle of wine but if we look closer it actually had some drops of blood at the neck of the bottle.

The person smirked and said," Tsk., Tsk., What the fool they are not even able to catch me. How they're gonna survive"

-------- University of Salzburg----------

Two girls were having chat in the canteen

"Have you heard the news??"

"What news??" she ignorantly said

"That homicide case it's in my neighbor everyone in the neighborhood is just terrified of that scene."

"Ohh!! that news yes I heard of it" after she said she blankly looked outside of the window wondering something


"Call all the cops right here we gonna have the emergency meeting," Mr. Winston Director of the police said 

Peter Winston is Director of the police bureau and is 28 years old though he is young for this post he knows very well that all the glory and blame goes to the director he felt quite responsible for the case so, he quickly called the high official meeting. Mr. Winston is known for his work ethics as he never gave up on any case and that's the reason why he is now director of the police bureau.

In Seminar Hall

There were around some 30-40 police officers were present.

Mr. Winston scanned the hall and said in an icy tone "Look how many you are? I guess some 30-40 and that bloody inhumane is only one, Right., So, Can I have the honor to ask you what the hell you all were doing till now how come you didn't get even, even one evidence" his looks were charming and he looked joyful but in terms of his iciness no one can beat him so if one mistook him for his looks than he is gone for sure 

"Director from 7 days we are searching for the evidence but couldn't get anything," a terrified officer said in a low tone

"I don't want to hear your bloody excuses use your manpower, I don't care about the process all I want is results" he slammed the podium and step down the platform.

All Officers didn't dare to make any sound as among the officers there were some elders also but still, they respected his work ethics so they didn't argue with him and nodded in agreement.

When they were about to leave Director General of police the highest position in police one can have, Mattheo Bauer he is 50 aged man with wrinkles all over his face his presence was enough to tell that this case is getting bigger and bigger with the passing time.

All the cops left there were now Dario Garber, Julian Huber, Peter Winston, Mr. Mattheo Bauer were left.

Cops have already left the door closed and started discussing themselves

"What do you think why did director-general come this is the first time I have seen him in person"

"I agree this case seems to get bigger"

"Oh!! definitely, it's getting bigger haven't you seen the list of the victims the name of a politician's wife is added and he is giving hard time to the administration "

"Ahhh!! Now I understand why all high officials are getting nervous."

In the seminar hall...






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