Beautiful Tragedy

11. Grudge.

At 9 P.M.

Cleaning her desk Hannah was about to leave for the airport.

Ella, "Will you be okay?"  she said worriedly.

She raised her eyebrow and said, "Of course, I will be okay isn't that's the reason you have asked me to go, hmm." she smiled and left.

Ella was still standing awestruck by her critical remark when Sofie enters the staff room on seeing Ella standing  like a statue she asked, "What's wrong?"

"Uh..huh nothing." Ella then sat back in her chair. Sofie nodded and returned to her seat.

While thinking about what just happened Ella mumbled to herself "Why? Why did Hannah say that??"

--- At Salzburg airport parking area;10:40 P.M.----

Hannah parked her car with swift actions because of the freezing temperature she was wearing a jumper and a quilted long jacket and black boots with her hairs falling up to her back with a cute white beanie on her head although this wasn't too flashy still it was captivating and eye appealing. 

She came out of her car and entered the airport after security check she waited in the waiting room for Chairman's son she saw her watch and there was still 10 minutes left so, she took out her phone and started surfing the internet when a news article caught her attention it was like this-

" A young girl has claimed that she can see the past of the person by touching them and people are amazed by the fact she can tell the points and facts truly." 

She wondered if she has such a special identity shouldn't she have to keep herself hidden to avoid some misfortunes after all world is full of greedy peoples who can use these powers in turning the world into hell with thinking of that she sighed.

While surfing the time passed really fast now it was 11:20 when she realized it was already late and she has to receive chairman's son from the departure gate of passengers she hurriedly left the waiting room and reached towards the departure gate and she saw only a man the luggage in two suitcases was standing there with a cap and was swearing someone on the phone she walked towards him and asked," Are you Mr. Smith sorry, I couldn't reach to you in the time I am really sorry for that." she apologizes sincerely

"Who are you? Do you know for how long I have been standing here? Do I look stupid who is waiting for you seriously? What do you take for?" he yelled at her angrily. He was so loud that people started looking at them.

"I know that I made a mistake but it doesn't mean that you have to act like that." Hannah

"Oh!!! so you are teaching me how to behave."

Hannah didn't say anything she waited for him to pent up his anger according to her don't talk to a person who is mentally unstable or challenged and persons like him are no better than mentally challenged people.

After few minutes when he saw that more people are started gathering around he said in a very rude tone, "What are you looking at you are standing here to humiliate me. Right?? take me home." he ordered Hannah didn't say anything she just took his two suitcases to the parking area not from far away from the Auriel and others were watching the unfolding drama in front of them Devin commented

"What a girl!! the man insulted her a lot and she didn't say much?"

"looks like she is very cool-headed nowadays  girls like her are hard to find  I am impressed." Braydon.

Auriel nodded his head in disagreement he said "She is not the type to engage in verbal conflicts she does all with her actions and I am sure that young man is going to have a great night." he smirked.

"How do you know that?" Braydon.

"You know better than anyone that I am better at reading people." he winked at him stood up and said, "Let's go I don't think anyone is coming to pick us."

Then the group move to the taxi stand and rented a car meanwhile in the parking lot Hannah is having a hard time because of the spoiled young man.

"Why you are not going to place my luggage?" in front of the car trunk that young man yelled at her.

she sighed and place that heavy baggage in the trunk she was very annoyed when she got into the car and he again started yelling at her "Why you aren't going to open the door for me? huh "

this time she couldn't hold it back and said, "You have those hands they aren't for showpiece God has given them to you use them or they will rust away." she said in a very calm tone 

"........." he didn't say anything just opened the door and jump on the seat in anger.

"You., you better think of yourself now I am not letting this slide no one has never talked to me like this ever since the day I have born." Hannah didn't say anything and keep on driving she thought that after some time he will naturally stop but to her expectation, he was the opposite he keeps on cursing at her.

The airport of Salzburg lies on the outskirts of the city and one has to cross the road covered with woods on both sides and now they were between the woods and she has been driving for nearly 30 minutes but in this 30 min he didn't stop for one minute and now she couldn't bear it more she pulled the car to the side got off the car opened the trunk of the car take out the suitcase put it on the road and opened the door of the back seat and said, "Get out."

"What??" the young man was flabbergasted by her action.

"Didn't you hear me come on get out immediately I am not in the habit to repeat my words."

"Ha., What you sure are digging your grave yourself b*tch let me show you what can I do to you." then he aggressively got out of the car he grabbed her with strength from her shoulders and force her on to the car door she was totally not prepared for this "Let me show you what I can do by the way when I am looking at you closely you are quite petty just like the girls I love to play with Ha." he smirked and his eyes leer at her then when he was about to kiss her she just simply move her head to the other side but still he was reluctant so she hit him on his knees which made him fall to the ground then she punched him really hard on the face which made his nose bleed.


Edited: 08.01.2021

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