Because You Loved Me

Happy Wedding ❤️

Zack found his job and started to work as daily. Suzanne was also always there for any help to Zack. Things were so good between Zack and Suzanne, and one day, Suzanne even asked Zack for their life together. But Zack refused for this and says “Sue, Look at you, you're the princess of your castle. And me? I'm a beggar of a road”.

 After listening this Suzanne's face turned in disappointment and she speaks “But Zack, whatever the situation is, I just want to live with you, I want to support you in every step of yours for our life. And the most important thing, you've a heart of gold then why calling yourself beggar?”. 

Zack replied her, “But Sue, I don't even have my own home”

Suzanne replied “My home is you”

Zack says “You won't even get the food of three times”

Suzanne says “My bread is you”

After listening her answers Zack smiled and walk towards her, he pulled her towards his chest and starts to caressing her. And says “I'll do my best”

And after a month of his work, at last he surprised Suzanne with his new small sized room which he rented with the help of his first salary and a small loan. He never asked for a help with Suzanne because he always wanted to make her happy and surprised. He just surprised her with his new home which impressed Suzanne so much. She grinned after seeing his new home and appreciates him a lot and couldn't stop herself from blessing him again and again. She directly hugged him so tightly and says “Congratulations!!”

He says “It's only because of you Sue”.

Suzanne asks him how because of her. Then Zack holds her shoulders and makes her sit on the chair and sits next to her. And says “Honestly Sue, before you came in my life, I was living without any aim. But after you, I really generated a desire to have a house, and then a home with you! Because of you I realised my responsibilities, and for all this Thank you so much!”

Suzanne was listening him with a fondful smile on her face. And she holds her face and pulls towards her chest and says “Zack,... You're impressing me more!”


After that day, one morning of friday, she was sitting on a garden swing, drinking tea with her dad and smiling again and again while thinking of Zack and the moments with him when she drank tea with him. While her father was drinking, reading newspaper but noticed her in middle many times that Suzanne is smiling like a stupid! And at last he asks her “What happened Suzanne?” as he can guess the reason is her love but he doesn't know about the person she loves.

Suzanne says “Ah,.. dad I was just,........” before she completes her feign her father speaks immediately “You can tell me who is he without any hesitation, we will talk with him”

After listening this she grinned with excitement and says “Really dad?”

He nodded with calm face and asked her to invite him in the house. 


Evening of the same Friday, Suzanne was sitting in a ramen restaurant with Zack. Both were eating and talking with each other but suddenly Suzanne looks her parents coming towards both of them. After seeing them here, she asks with a confusing face “Dad, here?”

Then her dad speaks “You forgot you called us?”

Zack looks at Suzanne with a shocked face.

Suzanne really called her parents without even telling Zack that her parents wanna talk with him. But that time too, she was not pretending to forgetting about that but she really forgot that she invited her parents here. 

Her parents sat there with Suzanne and Zack. It was all silent, as nobody was talking. Zack even stopped eating and Suzanne was just looking at her father and Zack again and again in tension that now what would happen next because her father knows Zack very well but still her father was silent after meeting him. She wanted to start the conversation but decided to be dumb there. And at last in middle Suzanne speaks “Ah, I'm going to the washroom”. And left from there for washroom.

She was so tensed about Zack. However, she just wanted to live with Zack only. But she came out of the washroom and walks towards outside the restaurant. She came out of there without even telling anyone because she forgot about them. She doesn't know that she came here with Zack. And stands outside of the restaurant. It was raining outside.

After a little gap with silence Zack speaks “I'm really sorry for bothering you all”

Mark didn't react for that and asks him “Do you have your own house?”

Zack answers him “No”

Mark asks “Where do you live?”

Zack answers “I live in a small rented house”

Mark asks him “Who is in your family?”

Zack answers him “I'm an orphan”

Suzy there, was getting bore and suddenly notices that many people made a crowded place outside the restaurant. She run towards there to see if something with excitement she can find for herself to get out her boredom. Her father knows that Suzy is there but suddenly all of them listens her screaming. Before Mark and Amber dash from there, Zack runs towards the outside and saw a crowd. He enters there to see if what happened and saw Suzanne is fainted over there on the ground. Mark and Amber also saw their daughter is unconscious there and before Mark takes any action, Zack lifts her in his arms and takes her to the hospital. 

All were waiting outside the room for the Dr to allow them to meet Suzanne. All were so worried about what happened to Suzanne. Amber couldn't stop herself to crying and Mark was comforting her. Zack looked at Suzanne's parents and then bowed his eyes. He was also much more worried than her parents and waiting for the Dr.

Dr comes outside after the checkup and tells everyone that Suzanne fainted just because of her high anxiety level and nothing else. But now Suzanne is fine and all of them can meet her and allows everyone to meet her. 

Heena Kundra

Edited: 30.12.2020

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