Behind The Mask: the end of a star

...that's the ignition

The young Tobi, 
Seeing neither traffic lights nor wardens, 
surrendered his wheel 
to a deceptive form 
Cos he thought, there was no better driver. 

Don't blame Tobi, 
Do not raise your deserted fingers 
on the innocent lad 
He was pushed away from fantasy 
into painful reality 
quite earlier than early. 

There was no guide, 
There was no compass. 
There was no sun, 
No east nor west. 

There was no moon 
nor stars at night, 
Save the silhouette, 
Of this creepy creature 
who offered protection 
when no one cared... 

Oh monster!  
Thou creepy figure! 
What are we to do with thee? 
You convinced a poor child, 
Wearing a mask of lies. 
You forced him to think, 
That the end was solace, 
That suicide was respite. 
You made him believe, 
That the yonder life was lovely, 
Free from the multitude of gibberish 
that beclouds the milky way… 

But why? 
He was just a poor boy, 
Who was deceived to think 
That you were his friend, 
Because your lips 
were sweeter than the sugar cane. 

You turned on his apprehension, 
and spiked his desires 
Because you knew  
humanity could not offer 
what he required. 
So, you turned on the ignition 
And set him in motion. 


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Edited: 23.05.2020

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